Matrix: this scientist wants to prove that our universe is in a simulation

Matrix this scientist wants to prove that our universe is

As many scientists attempt to unravel the countless secrets of our universe and its still mysterious functioning, some believe that it is possible that our universe is in reality a simulationand that we all live inside a computer program. A theory which will be taken over by the Wachowskis with the saga Matrix, the films … Read more

If you like Matrix, Peripherals may be for you on Prime Video

If you like Matrix Peripherals may be for you on

The Peripheral (Where Peripherals: The Worlds of Flynne en VF) is the new science fiction series from Prime Video. This series adapted from the novel by William Gibson is worn by Chloë Grace Moretz. Pieces high concept miss you since the series Westworld got a little out of breath? Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are … Read more

LaborIA: Matrix launches a survey on the impact of artificial intelligence on work next September

Tim Cook gives some clues about an Apple VR headset

Launched last November 19, for a period of 5 years, financed by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration and operated by Matrice, institute of technological and social innovation, the program LaborIAwith which Inria has joined, has the mission of better understand artificial intelligence and its effects on work, employment, skills and social dialogue in … Read more