How Movio’s AI will create your marketing videos automatically –

Salt artificial intelligence creates its first film and you can

Movio offers an artificial intelligence platform to automatically create marketing videos from simple text. Now established in California, the Chinese startup hopes to seduce marketers around the world by letting them create innovative content very easily… Throughout 2022, generative artificial intelligence has taken off dazzling. Grace text-to-image algorithms from groups like OpenAI and Stability AI, … Read more

Take advantage of the potential of metaverses with marketing solutions from La Poste Business Solutions

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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] With 39% of French consumers ready to buy in the virtual universe of metaverses[1], brands should not neglect this approach. Especially since its possibilities are still only at the beginning, before developing in the coming years. La Poste Solutions Business is already present to support companies in building their acquisition and retention strategy … Read more

How to create – truly – personalized email marketing campaigns?

How to create truly personalized email marketing campaigns

Over the years, e-mail has established itself as an extremely efficient acquisition channel. Marketers love it, and sales reps agree it’s become an indispensable tool for building loyalty and capturing new customers. However, not all marketing emails are created equal. The latest studies show that personalized email campaigns are the most impactful. Indeed, personalization allows … Read more

Label Digital Marketing School: the first 4 Labeled training courses | Viuz

Label Digital Marketing School the first 4 Labeled training courses

4 training courses receive the Label awarded by the 3 professional associations of Digital Marketing, the CPA, the DMA France and Alliance Digitale (which now brings together the IAB France, and the Mobile Marketing Association). The Digital Marketing School label attests to the adequacy of their teaching with the expectations of the professional world. The … Read more

Heineken France is working on optimizing its marketing mix

Heineken France is working on optimizing its marketing

Heineken France is working on the optimization and relevance of its entire marketing strategy. One line of work is the optimization of the media mix. The brewer wanted to finely determine the contribution of each of its brands’ advertising and marketing levers. Heineken markets the brands Heineken, Desperados, Sudden Death, Pelforth, Panach, Fisher, Edelweiss, Affligem, … Read more

Digital marketing and web design: skills that meet new business challenges

Digital marketing and web design skills that meet new business

Companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity must be innovative in order to adapt their digital strategy and meet the new expectations of their customers and prospects. They need talent to support them in the face of market developments and new technologies. ” In the field of digital marketing and web design, … Read more

Electronic cigarettes, marketing tools to target young people in South Korea

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

Escaping the legislation on tobacco products, the material used for electronic cigarettes is now used as a marketing medium by manufacturers. In a letter to the journal Tobacco Prevention & Cessation, two members of Korea’s National Tobacco Control Center point out how vaping companies are using e-cigarette material as marketing material in South Korea[1]. In … Read more

7 out of 10 businesses use mobile marketing to increase revenue within two years

7 out of 10 businesses use mobile marketing to increase

According to AppsFlyer, the budget share devoted to mobile marketing increased in 2021 and will continue to increase in 2022 significantly. AppsFlyer has released a survey analyzing the state of mobile marketing in France to better understand the challenges and opportunities mobile presents this year and beyond. Apple launched iOS 14.5 and ATT (App Tracking … Read more

mParticle acquiert la start-up de l’IA Vidora pour aider les quipes enrichir les profils clients et amliorer leurs stacks marketing

Class dans : Les affaires, Science et technologieSujet : Acquisitions et fusions d’entreprises L’offre combine amliore la valeur de l’engagement client et des outils d’analyse avec des capacits de modlisation prdictive et prescriptive de l’IA. NEW YORK, 4 aot 2022 /PRNewswire/ — mParticle, un leader dans l’infrastructure de donnes clients, a annonc aujourd’hui qu’elle avait … Read more

Electronic cigarettes: the United States bans the marketing of Juul products

Electronic cigarettes the United States bans the marketing of Juul

News Posted 6 hours ago, Reading 2 mins. Do you know Juul electronic cigarettes, which look like USB keys? On June 23, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a temporary ban on these products on the US market. A decision hailed by health professionals. Whereas the electronic cigarette is more and more debated, … Read more