Community manager training must change in 2023

Community manager training must change in 2023

the community management has evolved enormously in just a few years of existence. the community manager job emerged in France around 2009, but the formations did not appear until a few years later. In the CM FAQslet’s see the reasons why it becomes important to take a specialized course in the spheres of community management. … Read more

TESTIMONY: “the prices sold off on the internet, it comes from stolen bikes”, the bloodshed of a robbed store manager

TESTIMONY the prices sold off on the internet it comes

In Craponne, in the suburbs of Lyon, the owner of a bicycle shop was the victim of a large-scale burglary: 70% of his cycles were boarded and the thieves made four round trips by truck to empty the shop. The burglary of the Cycles Blain bicycle shop, in Craponne, in the Rhône, was particularly violent: … Read more

Android malware: beware, this file manager contains a virus

Android un trojan bancaire se propage sur le

Bitdefender researchers warn that a file manager Android infected is currently circulating on the Google Play Store. This contains the SharkBot malware and seems to be spreading particularly in the UK, Romania and Italy. Discovered by cybersecurity experts Cleafy in 2021, SharkBot’s main purpose is to steal sums of money via a technique called Automatic … Read more

Uninstall Fake File Manager Apps That Steal Your Money

Uninstall Fake File Manager Apps That Steal Your Money.webp

Not a week goes by without malicious apps being reported on the Play Store. Today, it is the security software publisher Bitdefender which alerts on four Android applications to be uninstalled urgently. Seemingly harmless, these fake cleaner and file manager apps have infiltrated the Android app store, infecting users with the Sharkbot banking Trojan. Now … Read more

Football Manager 2023 test: does the king of sports management hold his rank?

Football Manager 2023 test does the king of sports management

As every year at the same time, Sports Interactive draws its management simulation. Football Manager 2023 will therefore be released in the final version on November 8 on PC, Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, Switch, PlayStation 5 and mobile. Note that the PS5 version has been postponed for an as yet unspecified date. So, what are … Read more

Former iPod and iPhone project manager joins ARM – CNET France

Former iPod and iPhone project manager joins ARM CNET

As the original iPhone project manager, Tony Fadell made arguably one of the most important chip decisions in tech. He has join the boardfrom ARM on Thursday to help expand the processor designer into new areas of our digital lives. Tony Fadell’s decision to use the family of ARM chips in iPod and iPhone consolidated … Read more

Are we experiencing the advent of the “Augmented Manager”?

Are we experiencing the advent of the Augmented Manager

Digital transformation, hybridization of working methods, new expectations of employees, phenomena of “Great resignation” or recently of ” Quiet Quitting – Silent resignation”. Managers have been in recent years and are still currently at the forefront of business. It’s all up to them: attracting talent, retaining and motivating them, maintaining an optimal quality of life … Read more

9 reasons to adopt an enterprise password manager

1656764324 The Sandbox the metaverse that sells virtual land to brands

While waiting for a possible future without a password, it remains a major source of risk. Here’s why a password manager remains the ideal solution to mitigate these risks. Password security has changed a lot since the early 2000s. Back then, we only had a small number of passwords to remember, whereas now there are … Read more

Les formations community manager en 2023 : nouveautés !

Les formations community manager en 2023 nouveautes

  En 2023, une formation community manager en bonne et due forme, devra être conforme aux nouvelles exigences du marché et donc des marques et des entreprises faisant appel au community management. Ce que représentent les programmes de formations CM aujourd’hui et ce qu’ils devront être dans les années à … Read more

Savings: the wealth manager on the Internet, advice accessible to all

The electronic label a must have in the face of the

Like nearly 75% of savers, perhaps you have only limited confidence in the advice and investments of your banker… So why not call on a CGP, in other words a wealth management advisor? He will help you identify your current and future needs, and will work to build up the financial and real estate assets … Read more