How Flowlity makes inventory management easier for manufacturers

How Flowlity makes inventory management easier for manufacturers

2000 billion euros in the world per year. The estimated cost of stockouts and overstocks has not decreased despite the many tools available. “This figure is based both on lost sales on the one hand, and on the obsolescence of a stored product or unnecessarily retained capital on the other.explains Jean-Baptiste Clouard, co-founder of Flowlity. … Read more

Computer on-call management: how it works. – The Tech Review

Computer on call management how it works The Tech Review

To set up business indicators, and manage your alert thresholds in an efficient and relevant way, whatever the application concerned, a single MEMOGuard V5 tool supervision Computer on-call management: how it works; no business today is immune to problems and incidents. However, these must be taken care of quickly to prevent the company from having … Read more

“Code red” at Google: the popularity of ChatGPT worries management

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Innovate or disappear. The recent progress of Elon Musk’s OpenAI organization is starting to seriously worry Google’s management. Faced with the rise of models based on artificial intelligence, the management of the American firm has just issued a “code red“internally, according to information from the New York Times. Google soon to be replaced by an … Read more

Training in Nice: what is this new Artificial Intelligence Management course?

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

Why did you create this degree? According to an OECD study, 32% of current jobs are set to be profoundly transformed by technological progress over the next twenty years, requiring enhanced collaboration between man and machine and mobilizing new skills. Automation of work tasks, robot surgeons, disease prediction, chatbot, recruitment algorithms… Artificial Intelligence has started … Read more

It’s ultra-sensational! A management school manages to create a metaverse!

Its ultra sensational A management school manages to create a metaverse

Fairly early in the year, Metaverse mentioned the existence of a academy of the metaverse but at the moment the project is pretty quiet. However, a management school offers an ultra-sensational concept called “Red Alert! and it promises to be interesting and unique. Here are the details on this educational metaverse, specific to the Excelia … Read more

“Red-alert! » by Excelia the first metaverse entirely designed by a management school – TendanceHotellerie

Soon in France the same Internet regulation as in California

This November 9, the agitation rises in front of the bay windows of Excelia’s XL factory, a physical and innovative place open to all (learners, teachers, collaborators) whose vocation is to infuse transformations to better disseminate them in the rooms. courses. Students of 3e year of the Bachelor Tourism & Hospitality Management are preparing to … Read more

SmartStream launches the latest version of its cash management solution and reaches a new level of user-friendliness and access to information

SmartStream launches the latest version of its cash management solution

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SmartStream, the provider of financial transaction lifecycle management (TLM) solutions®), today announces the launch of version 3.1 of its TLM Cash and Liquidity Management solution. Created by the team that won the 2022 Red Dot Award for Excellence in Financial Application Design, this latest release is the most advanced and flexible no-code solution on … Read more

Artificial Intelligence at the service of water management

Senior | SMART Deal | Young | Innovation – Digital | GREEN Deal | Environment | Visiting the 06 | With a disability | In family | In activity Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2022 This Thursday, November 17, the President of the Department launched the information day “Artificial Intelligence at the service of water … Read more

Project management and urban planning info: salaries in 2022 – Challenges

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

In exclusive partnership with APEC, Challenges publishes for the first time data from the APEC survey on the salaries of executives in 111 job families, conducted among current executives representative of the executive population of the private sector. Commercial, compatibility, logistics, construction… discover the details of remuneration according to age, level of responsibility, place of … Read more