The majority is still looking for the right tempo on pension reform

Une oeuvre dart generee par une IA gagne le premier

This is a bit of the history of macronism, at least since the crisis of “yellow vests”. Made of back and forth, between excess of “Jupiterism”, promise of a new, more consensual method, and, ultimately, new vertical decisions when we see a political interest in them. In this respect, the hypothesis of the pension reform … Read more

Who is John Textor, the man about to become OL’s majority shareholder?

Holograms, special effects, artificial intelligence… The wealthy American John Textor, about to become the majority shareholder of Olympique Lyonnais, is a pioneer of virtual reality. In 2016, Forbes magazine painted John Textor as “Hollywood Virtual Reality Guru”nickname which then came to consecrate the activity of the American entrepreneur in this market. In the 2000s, however, … Read more

Legislative 2022: the Nupes in search of the “magic recipe” to prevent Emmanuel Macron from retaining the majority in the Assembly

What if the hardest part started for Nupes? The left-wing coalition, which was running for the first time in this form in a ballot, ended the first round of the legislative elections neck and neck with the presidential camp on Sunday, June 12. But according to the projections of the polling institutes, the candidates of … Read more

Disability: the majority of websites are not suitable for blind and visually impaired people

Three hours to buy a train ticket for a 2H17 journey, online food shopping fraught with pitfalls: the overwhelming majority of websites in France are not adapted for people with disabilities, generating an obstacle course for the blind and the visually impaired. Indispensable everyday tools, public digital services and those of large private companies have … Read more

Legislative in Rennes. Florian Bachelier, candidate for the presidential majority in the 8th

Early Macronist, elected MP in 2017, Florian Bachelier is seeking a second term, in the legislative elections, in the eighth constituency ofIlle-et-Vilainewhich brings together districts to the west of Rennes and the municipalities of the canton of Rheu (Chavagne, Cintré, L’Hermitage, Mordelles, Le Rheu, Vezin-le-Coquet, Saint-Gilles and Saint-Jacques-de-la- Moor). Who is he ? Lawyer, 43 … Read more