Metaverse: love and dating in the virtual world of GAFAM

Metaverse love and dating in the virtual world of GAFAM

The metaverse enables deep and meaningful connections. According to a report, 83% of global consumers think it brings people together. So dating apps and hookup platforms are looking to the metaverse as the next place to find and celebrate love. Today, there is a plethora of dating apps offering users unique experiences to find love. … Read more

Craiyon, the automated image generation tool that social networks love

By Chloe Woitier Posted 6 hours ago, Update 6 hours ago Images automatically generated by Craiyon with the query “shiba-inu surfing in space, anime style” Crayon Also known as the “Dall-E Mini”, this AI designs often absurd images. Its co-creator Boris Dayma looks back on this unexpected success. Difficult to escape the phenomenon on social … Read more

Real love and virtual ceremony: weddings in the metaverse

Real love and virtual ceremony weddings in the metaverse

For some couples, the happiest day of their lives may not take place in “real life”. They decide to organize their wedding ceremony in virtual. Why choose to say “yes” in the metaverse? What are these ceremonies like? the metaverse presents itself as a new means of organizing events: professional meetings, fairs, concerts… and weddings. … Read more

They have chosen a job that hires. Louis, 20, computer science student: “I love solving problems”

With his baccalaureate in hand, Louis embarked on a five-year course at Epitech Nice, a private school specializing in IT. What is your background? I did a science baccalaureate with the Computer Science and Digital Sciences option. I already wanted to turn to new technologies so I applied to Epitech. To enter this paying school, … Read more