Amel Bent: this electronic bracelet with which she will be forced to live!

Amel Bent this electronic bracelet with which she will be

The decision taken by the Nanterre Court of Appeal relieves Amel Bent. She learns that her companion Patrick Antonelli will finally return to her, after almost two months in Nanterre prison. The convictions of Amel Bent’s husband In 2020, Amel Bent’s husband had already been sentenced to four years in prison, with two suspended. Added … Read more

The Mondial La Marseillaise: Watch Live TV + Streaming on the Internet

The Mondial La Marseillaise Watch Live TV Streaming on

the Mondial La Marseillaise 2022: now here is how to watch the Mondial La Marseillaise à pétanque live streaming on the Internet and live on television. Petanque fans have an appointment to see the 61st edition of the competition. Live TV and in streaming on the Internet, you can watch the news of the La … Read more

Pedocrime: the worrying rise in orders for the rape of children live on the Internet

French investigators are increasingly interested in live-streaming rape orders placed by French pedophile criminals, whose number of cases has increased over the past three years. In three years, the number of files processed by the police concerning orders for child criminal videos has increased from 6 to 27, and the authorities fear that the increase … Read more

Why O’clock is the live, remote web development school for you

This is nothing new, web developer is a buoyant profession. However, it requires a solid technical background. To become a developer, you have to find the most suitable and complete training. Good luck finding the right one out of all the ones out there. But Oh clock stands out from the crowd and is distinguished … Read more

VIDEO: Keynote Apple at WWDC 2022: follow the conference live –

VIDEO Keynote Apple at WWDC 2022 follow the conference live

The opening presentation of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held in a few minutes, starting at 7 p.m. Follow the conference live with us on this article which will be updated or via the video available at the end of this article. Tim Cook and his teams will present the new features to … Read more

Earn less to live better: is the trend deep among high graduates?

Earn less to live better is the trend deep among

Reading time: 6 mins The dissidence of young elites fascinates. Fork. Make the future promised (by the great schools) a clean slate and invent a life in the service of ecological balance. When in April, during the presentation of their engineering diploma, students from AgroParisTech called their classmates to desert the paths all traced by … Read more

live in a movie

Horror movie fans know Shudder by reputation. For others, it’s a streaming platform – unfortunately only available in the United States – specializing in horror films. Unlike Shadowz, there are a lot more mainstream productions there. Like Netflix, the platform produces or co-produces films and series, including the fabulous Creepshow. Good-natured atmosphere Creepshow will delight … Read more

Three years after Android, Apple moves to live captioning

Three years after Android Apple moves to live captioning

For the World Accessibility Awareness Day organized this Thursday, Apple took the opportunity to present many new features to help its disabled users on a daily basis. And among the functions to come, subtitling is finally making its appearance at the Apple brand. An innovation for the hearing impaired, but which will delight the greatest … Read more

Dernière étape à Orléans pour le Human Tech Days Live Tour autour du thème “Data, Intelligence Artificielle et Climat”

Derniere etape a Orleans pour le Human Tech Days Live

Promouvoir le numérique auprès des habitants et des territoires du Centre-Val de Loire Dans le cadre des Human Tech Days (HTD) 2022, l’événement régional dédié au numérique, c’est tout un village itinérant aux couleurs des HTD qui sillonnera le Centre-Val de Loire du 30 mai au 9 juin, via une escale dans chacun des 6 … Read more