Migraine, this “good woman’s disease” that can make your life hell

Reading time: 5 mins “The first time I had a migraine I was walking to the bus stop, says Molly, a 27-year-old lawyer who suffers from migraines with aura. Suddenly I couldn’t see properly. I went home and lay down until the next day. […] I thought I was dying. I never imagined that was … Read more

The hell of traffic jams: soon an old memory thanks to AI – Science and life

Traffic jams: how is road traffic regulated? Currently, road traffic is regulated by a classic signaling system, the “lights” as we call them. However, this technology is based on very sub-optimal operation. Especially during variations in the number of people on the roads. Indeed, the current system is not capable of detecting traffic jams. So … Read more

Google Wallet: Google’s digital wallet comes back to life

Google Wallet Googles digital wallet comes back to life

On May 11, the first part of Google I/O was held, the annual conference organized by Google in San Francisco. During this, the subsidiary ofAlphabet announced the arrival of a generator of virtual bank cards, Virtual Cards, but also the return of Google Wallet, its digital wallet. The Google Wallet brought back to life Google … Read more

Tobii: when the “eye tracking” experts make your life easier

Laurent Giraldon and Nicolas Ribeyre have listened carefully to understand how this technology allows us to know precisely what we are looking at and how we can use our gaze as a 3rd arm either in a virtual reality helmet, or in front of a screen. Did you say “eye tracking”? Sight is the primary … Read more

For a less polluting digital life

Including the production and use phases of all electronic technologies and devices, the global digital carbon footprint was estimated in 2021 at 1.84 gigatonnes of CO equivalent.2which is approximately 3.5% of global greenhouse gases (GHG), according to Les Shifters Montréal, a group dedicated to raising public awareness of the challenges of the energy transition. A … Read more

F1 22: F1 Life, Miami, sprint races… New features to come for EA Sports’ Formula 1 simulation

F1 22 F1 Life Miami sprint races… New features to

Game News F1 22: F1 Life, Miami, sprint races… New features to come for EA Sports’ Formula 1 simulation Published on 09/05/2022 at 17:00 It’s been the great return of F1 for 1 month, and the fans were able to discover the new circuit of Miami this weekend. Among the novelties, these will be served … Read more