Legislative in Sweden: right and extreme right at the gates of power

Legislative in Sweden right and extreme right at the gates

This Monday, September 12, Sweden begins a three-day wait to designate the winning side of its very tight legislative elections, with a right and an extreme right in a position to conquer power. Never seen. The Sweden is heading for a narrow victory for the right allied with the far right after ultra-close elections on … Read more

Legislative: when media violate the reserve period

Legislative elections 2022case While the law prohibits the media from broadcasting “any message having the character of electoral propaganda” on election weekends, several problematic contents have been denounced on social networks. Based on a question asked by Paul on Jun 18, 2022. More electoral propaganda the day before and on polling day. This is the … Read more

Legislative 2022: the Nupes in search of the “magic recipe” to prevent Emmanuel Macron from retaining the majority in the Assembly

What if the hardest part started for Nupes? The left-wing coalition, which was running for the first time in this form in a ballot, ended the first round of the legislative elections neck and neck with the presidential camp on Sunday, June 12. But according to the projections of the polling institutes, the candidates of … Read more

Legislative: a video of Young people with Macron, who imagine France led by Mélenchon, mocked on social networks

the essential Young people with Macron broadcast a campaign clip this Wednesday, June 15 imagining what France would be like if Mélenchon and Nupes were to win the legislative elections. Immediately became the laughingstock of social networks, the video was deleted at midday. “Sunday, June 19. 8 p.m. An extremist party obtains the majority in … Read more

Laws on the Covid voted opportunely after the legislative ones? Mistrust

Extensions of anti-Covid-19 conveniently postponed after the second round of legislative elections ? That’s what the content suggests. of a relayed message on social networks. “Before voting, be aware that: on June 22, three days after the second round, the government presents “a new Covid bill”, we read in this message. On June 23, the … Read more

Legislative 2022: Nupes, Together, RN … how each party seeks its votes for the second round

the essential Together like Nupes, each camp is now looking for reserves of votes that will allow it to maintain or gain power. From this point of view, the advantage goes to the presidential bloc, but a reversal is still possible on Sunday. On the right, on the left, in the center and among the … Read more

The 2022 legislative elections: to follow on Guadeloupe La 1ère, radio, TV and Internet – Guadeloupe la 1ère

No less than 59 candidates are standing for the votes of voters in Guadeloupe for the legislative elections of June 11 and 18. For the constituency of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, they are 6 to covet the seat of deputy. On this occasion, Guadeloupe La 1ère is mobilizing, with several appointments on its antennas. Live TV … Read more

Legislative: the puzzle of Internet voting for French people living abroad

Published on : 05/31/2022 – 19:14 Online voting for French voters abroad has experienced several bugs since it opened on May 27. According to the Quai d’Orsay, Internet voting is working again. But criticisms and misunderstandings accumulate. These challenges, along with security risks, mean that larger-scale implementation is still far from feasible. Legislative 2022 © … Read more

Legislative: a computer bug prevents some French people living abroad from voting

the essential Since Friday, May 27, at noon, the vote for the legislative elections has been open to French people living abroad. For them, no need to move, they can vote by internet. Finally that is when there is no bug. As soon as online voting opens, many voters report the impossibility of confirming their … Read more