ChatGPT explained to my grandma: how does artificial intelligence (AI) learn to speak?

ChatGPT explained to my grandma how does artificial intelligence AI

“How does he know how to speak ChatGPT?” So that, Grandma, is the $100,000 question. To begin with, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that is part of a discipline called “Machine learning” (automatic learning), and more precisely of a family that bears the name of “deep learning” (the deep learning). These are fields of research … Read more

Computer programming: The steps to learn to code

Computer programming The steps to learn to code

For neophytes, it may seem complex, but it is enough to know the basics to succeed in coding. What are the steps to learn to code? Understand computer programming The computer programming is a method of writing software applications to solve specific problems. The best way for most companies to expose their product to the … Read more

Learn English in the metaverse: an innovative and interactive training

Learn English in the metaverse an innovative and interactive training

Immersive learning to train in professional and general English Brainy is a training organization, which offers various apprenticeships eligible for the Personal Training Account (CPF), in particular to learn foreign languages, improve one’s mastery of French as part of the Voltaire Project and FLE (French as a Foreign Language), but also to master office automation … Read more

Virtual reality helps to learn better: under what conditions?

Virtual reality helps to learn better under what conditions

Invented several decades ago, the concepts of virtual reality and augmented reality have received very important media spotlights for several years. The main reasons for this are the significant democratization of technologies and the very strong investments made by the GAFAMs on these subjects. Among the fields of application likely to benefit from these developments … Read more

An AI capable of “sleeping” to learn to multitask

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⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Typically, artificial intelligences (AIs) are highly specialized systems, trained to perform a single type of action. By imitating the way our sleep allows us to anchor knowledge acquired during the day, they could more easily overcome this limit. While AIs have far greater computing … Read more

Gymcorsu: the new internet platform of the University of Corte to learn the Corsican language

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Yesterday, the University of Corsica officially unveiled its new internet platform for learning the Corsican language. Instinctive, modern and intelligent, Gymcorsu is now accessible to everyone. With finance. Except for students. Learn to speak and write Corsican from your smartphone, computer or tablet, at your own pace and at the rate of 15 minutes of … Read more

5 online courses to learn how to communicate on social networks

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Community manager: become a freelance or employee CM with La Fabrique à Clients This certifying course aims to acquire all the skills necessary to manage a company’s social media strategy. The program thus includes a module relating to the fundamentals of digital marketing, and an overview of social networks. The objective: to understand the operation … Read more

Neurons learn to play video games in real time

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Even placed in a box, neurons can have intrinsic intelligence and change their behavior over time. Researchers have just published the results of their work on the DishBrain system, capable of measuring the responses of neurons to stimuli in real time. ” From worms to flies to humans, neurons are the starting point for generalized … Read more