The security of smartphones, tablets and laptops in professional and personal use: what solutions?

The security of smartphones tablets and laptops in professional and

The work environment has undergone profound changes in recent years. In this context, the use of employees’ mobile equipment must be rethought so that productivity and security can go hand in hand. Indeed, the notion of security is now central insofar as the attack surface continues to expand. Thus, protecting laptops alone is no longer … Read more

Why Nvidia DLSS Could Solve Laptops’ Main Problem

Why Nvidia DLSS Could Solve Laptops Main Problem

If you have a laptop for gaming, do the following exercise: unplug it from the mains and start a game. It’s unplayable. Laptop manufacturers voluntarily limit the performance of their machines on battery power to avoid displaying ridiculous autonomy. This is where DLSS comes in. Cyberpunk on the Razer Blade 17 The issue around graphics … Read more