Natural language processing (NLP): definition and techniques

1664314830 Natural language processing NLP definition and techniques

Voice assistants Alexa, Google Home and Siri are all based on automatic language processing technologies. Objective: to have the ability to understand, process and generate voice messages. Summary What is natural language processing (NLP)? Natural language processing (NLP), or automatic language processing (TALN), is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on giving machines the … Read more

TuxCare Launches Python Programming Language Extended Lifecycle Support Service

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The launch marks TuxCare’s second new extended lifecycle support service this year, underscoring the company’s position as an innovator in cost-effectively extending the use of mission-critical applications. PALO ALTO, California, September 07, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–TuxCarea global enterprise cybersecurity innovator for Linux, today announces the launch and general availability of its service Python Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS). Often … Read more

Voice recognition and the world language challenge

Voice recognition and the world language challenge

A voice-recognition startup just secured $62 million in Series B funding. How will that money be used? In a quest to make a computer understand all the voices in the world. If that doesn’t sound hugely ambitious, you haven’t spent enough time trying to get Siri to compose a text message. Speech recognition has been … Read more

(De)Toxigen and AdaTest, Microsoft’s new tools for more reliable language models

Large language models (LLM or large language model), in addition to being very energy-intensive, can reproduce the biases and stereotypes acquired during their training. Microsoft researchers have designed open source tools and datasets to test content moderation systems: (De)ToxiGen and AdaTest. These could lead to more reliable LLMs or models similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3 that … Read more

Computers: half a century ago, this prisoner coded the entire Chinese language

Computers half a century ago this prisoner coded the entire

Zhi Bingyi was a Chinese political prisoner, but also a renowned scientist. His most famous achievement was encoding the Chinese language for use in computer systems, a major breakthrough in China in the late 1970s. A solution to digitize Chinese characters Zhi Bingyi (1911-1993) was imprisoned by Mao Zedong’s regime. According to the authorities, this … Read more