Solana Labs Launches Mobile Platform, Unveils Android Smartphone

In short Solana Labs announced an Android-based software kit for developing Web3 mobile apps. The firm will also launch its own smartphone called Saga, which will be released in 2023. Solana Labs’ next big bet for Web3? Mobile applications and a matching smartphone. Today in New York, Solana Labs, which represents the founders and major … Read more

Artificial intelligence: from university labs to emergence in daily life, and tomorrow? – Silicon

Artificial intelligence is certainly the most significant technological advance of this 21st century, although it appeared as early as the 1950s, with the Turing trials and the first uses of machine learning. Like many technical breakthroughs – industrial machines, transistors, the Internet or mobile computing – AI was thought out and designed in academia before … Read more

SystemX creates “Tech Labs @SystemX” to accelerate the development and technology transfer of its assets

SystemX, the Technological Research Institute (IRT) dedicated to digital systems engineering, announced on May 16, the establishment of “Tech Labs”, a new cooperation strategy focused on technology transfer. Since its creation in 2012, the IRT has been coordinating collaborative research projects with industrial and academic partners, with the aim of developing technological building blocks that … Read more

Voyager Labs : l’arme contondante de l’intelligence artificielle

À la fin des années 1960, l’Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) du ministère américain de la défense a été la première agence à lancer un projet de communication interconnectée appelé ARPANET, précurseur de l’internet. Les choses ont beaucoup changé depuis, car l’internet, avec son explosion généralisée, a changé le monde et notre perception de celui-ci. … Read more