Isabelle Ryl: “AI is more dangerous than killer robots at this stage”

Isabelle Ryl AI is more dangerous than killer robots at

Director of the Inria research center in Paris, Isabelle Ryl co-wrote Geopolitics of AI with Jamil Atif and J. Peter Burgess. This essay shows how artificial intelligence, in addition to upsetting our daily lives, has transformed international relations and modified the possibilities of confrontation between States. In your book, you provide an account of the … Read more

PICO 4: all about the new VR headset which could well be a Meta Quest 2 killer (Update)

PICO 4 all about the new VR headset which could

It is at 2:00 p.m. today that PICO, the Chinese manufacturer, gave its first press conference in Europe. After a great communication campaign via numerous teasers, the all-in-one virtual reality headset PICO 4 has just been revealed. After the PICO Neo 3 Link, released a few months ago, this new helmet is also positioning itself … Read more

Killer robot dogs: discover a hacker’s trick to deactivate them before they catch you

Killer robot dogs discover a hackers trick to deactivate them

A hacker has managed to remotely disable a robot dog equipped with a submachine gun. A trick that could prove very useful, in the event of an uprising of machines against humans! In July 2022, the video of a robot dog equipped with a submachine gun surfaced and terrified netizens. However, a hacker dubbed KF@dotslash … Read more

Mysterious triple murder in Saône-et-Loire: the killer takes the mobile to his grave

The engine of a red Porsche roars as it parks in front of the black and green driving school at 25 Grande Rue Saint-Cosme in Chalon-sur-Saône, in Saône-et-Loire. A tall man, with close-cropped blond hair and a three-day beard, gets out, sticking out his chest. He walks with a determined step towards the driving school. … Read more

Neither Rambo, nor Terminator: Report debunks ‘killer robot’ fantasies

The killer robot, embodied in the figure of Terminator, fuels fantasies, between immortality, transhumanism and apocalyptic scenarios. This sulphurous imagination continues to dominate the debate on the question of the autonomy of weapon systems. In the name of morality and law, civil society denounces the opening of a Pandora’s box, predicts the arrival of robots … Read more