Free Mobile: the number of municipalities with speeds greater than 500 Mbits/s is jumping

Free Mobile the number of municipalities with speeds greater than

Our partner RNC Mobile is publishing its Free Mobile network performance observatory in 2022. Since the summer of 2017, the RNC Mobile application, available on Android via the Play Store, has been used to feed a data bank of flow measurements. Enough to use this information base to assess the performance of the Free Mobile … Read more

Prepare your wallet: vivo “passes” the X80 Pro+ and points to the Android throne by jumping directly to the X90 Pro+

Prepare your wallet vivo passes the X80 Pro and points

As confirmed by the prolific ‘leaker’ @UniverseIce, the Chinese manufacturer has canceled the X80 Pro+ and will go directly to a promising vivo X90 Pro+, well within the most ‘premium’ range on the market. The movements in the vivo offices continue, and it is that the Dongguan-based manufacturer has offered to encourage us this last … Read more