The iPod is no more: 6 crazy figures on the product that made Apple

The iPod is no more 6 crazy figures on the

He was a hard disk walkman, before equipping himself with a flash memory, developing iTunes, receiving the Internet, a touch screen, and marking an entire generation. After 21 years of career – the age of maturity in the United States – the iPod is no more. Apple has withdrawn from sales its most popular model … Read more

The iPod iPhone, an amazing concept that Apple liked but did not see the light of day

The iPod iPhone an amazing concept that Apple liked but

The man behind the iPod, Tony Fadell, explains how he was offered an interesting prototype at the time for Apple’s first smartphone: a concept iPod iPhone. Supporting photo, he delivers the details of this intriguing device that has never been realized. The real design of the first generation iPhone // Source: Carl Berkeley via WikiCommons … Read more