iPad: Apple would definitively abandon the jack port, as on iPhone

iPad Apple would definitively abandon the jack port as on

The port jack on iPad is about to disappear. According to a leak, Apple will not include a wired socket on the iPad 10, its next entry-level tablet. In parallel, Apple would inaugurate a new design for the most affordable iPad in its catalog. The iPad 10, the next entry level tablet from Apple, would … Read more

Apple announces Isolation, the safe mode that shields iPhone, iPad and Mac against the most dangerous spyware

Apple announces Isolation the safe mode that shields iPhone iPad

After the announcement of its legal action against NSO Group, the Cupertino giant is taking the iron where it hurts and intends to strengthen the protections of its devices against sophisticated attacks. They do not concern everyone, but nevertheless endanger our essential freedoms. Apple is at war and seems determined to put all its weight … Read more

Rival of the iPad Pro, this high-performance Android tablet costs 3x less

Rival of the iPad Pro this high performance Android tablet costs

On the occasion of a flash sale combined with a promo code, the best Android tablet on the market sees its price drop dramatically, so as to offer the best value for money at the moment. Even if the sales are basically of French origin, some e-merchants do not hesitate to compete with them with … Read more

Good or bad news, the future 14-inch iPad would not ultimately be Pro

Ross Young, analyst who has often been right in the past, returned to some of the information he published last week. Thus, the large format iPad in preparation would not be a Pro model. A change of program that raises many questions. Last week, while the future of iPadOS occupied the minds, in particular with … Read more

An iPad Pro with an M2 chip, all speculation, price and release date on the future Apple tablet

An iPad Pro with an M2 chip all speculation price

While WWDC 2022 took place not long ago, rumors are starting to appear about a iPad Pro M2. Now that Apple has unveiled its next-generation chip through its MacBook Air 2022, the public hopes to see it quickly on the brand’s other products, including their tablet. What do we know about it? When is its … Read more

An iPad Pro M2 to accompany the release of the iPhone 14 in September?

Before a completely new model planned for the beginning of 2023, Apple could renew its iPad Pro in the fall. A version that would be equipped with an M2 chip or even MagSafe. During its end-of-year Keynote, Apple could present something other than iPhones. According to Mark Gurmann, the American company would take advantage of … Read more

By 2023, Apple should generalize the USB-C port to all its devices (iPhone, iPad, AirPods, etc.)

News hardware By 2023, Apple should generalize the USB-C port to all its devices (iPhone, iPad, AirPods, etc.) Published on 05/17/2022 at 17:55 It is now almost certain, Apple will comply with the will of the European Commission and should finally offer a USB-C port on its smartphones, but not only… Goodbye Lightning, hello USB-C … Read more

iOS 15.5 is available on iPhone and iPad: what will you find there?

Apple imagines shells that change the interface of the iPhone

Apple has started rolling out the new iOS 15.5 update. This does not bring anything revolutionary, but some welcome improvements, including the possibility (more or less disguised) for developers to use external links in certain apps which could lead to payment outside the App Store. . The iPhone 13 Pro // Source: Unsplash Howard Bouchevereau … Read more