In Israel, artificial intelligence to prevent drownings at sea

According to al-Jazeera, Shireen Abu Akleh was killed “in cold blood” by Israeli forces. American-Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, one of the most famous of the pan-Arab channel al-Jazeera, was shot dead on Wednesday morning while covering an Israeli army operation in a tense sector of the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian Ministry of Health … Read more

BeeOdiversity: bees and artificial intelligence against pesticides – WE DEMAIN

BeeOdiversity bees and artificial intelligence against pesticides WE DEMAIN

On May 20, 2022, World Bee Day, it’s hard to miss this start-ups. She is currently present at ChangeNOW dedicated to the ecological transition (in Paris from May 19 to 21). BeeOdiversity is a Belgian company that, since 2014, has been using bees to monitor the quality of biodiversity and pollution levels in specific areas. … Read more

Bees: a CNRS researcher in Toulouse studies the Intelligence Quotient of these insects

May 20 is designated by the United Nations as World Bee Day. The opportunity to look into the infinitely small and discover the work of a researcher from Toulouse on the intelligence of these insects. According to the UN (the United Nations), 90% of the world’s wild flowering plants, 75% of food crops and 35% … Read more

Google would have created the first generalized artificial intelligence, “competing” with the human mind

Google would have created the first generalized artificial intelligence competing

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) DeepMind, a company (belonging to Google) specialized in artificial intelligence, has just presented its new artificial intelligence called “Gato”. Unlike “classic” AIs, which specialize in a specific task, Gato is able to perform more than 600 tasks, often much better than humans. Controversy is … Read more

Dernière étape à Orléans pour le Human Tech Days Live Tour autour du thème “Data, Intelligence Artificielle et Climat”

Derniere etape a Orleans pour le Human Tech Days Live

Promouvoir le numérique auprès des habitants et des territoires du Centre-Val de Loire Dans le cadre des Human Tech Days (HTD) 2022, l’événement régional dédié au numérique, c’est tout un village itinérant aux couleurs des HTD qui sillonnera le Centre-Val de Loire du 30 mai au 9 juin, via une escale dans chacun des 6 … Read more

Trusted data, the Achilles heel of artificial intelligence

Dor several years now, the ecosystem of the digital world, both academic and industrial, has been exploring so-called “trusted” artificial intelligence (AI): we are on the verge of regulation concerning the technological risks of the deployment of AI that mainly highlights the explainability, robustness and transparency of the algorithms. This is the Artificial Intelligence Act … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Why it is vital to support its integration into the company

Without support, humans often find themselves alone in the face of algorithms intended to make their lives easier. The specialist in business intelligence, Sindup, tells us how, for 10 years, he has been helping organizations to train managers and employees thanks to a catalog designed to address all profiles. Combining artificial intelligence and collective intelligence … Read more

The Val de Marne relies on artificial intelligence to improve its sanitation network

In November 2020, the Seine-Normandy water agency launched a call for innovation projects for water management, “Digital transition and circular economy” to support communities, companies and associations committed to the protection resources and aquatic environments. Two selected projects, based on artificial intelligence, are currently being tested by the Val de Marne department. Urbanization and the … Read more

Intelligence artificielle vs intelligence superficielle – Actu IA

Que d’encre ne coule chaque semaine pour nous expliquer que l’intelligence artificielle n’existe pas, qu’elle n’est guère intelligente notamment au regard de l’humain qui lui, n’en ayons aucun doute dispose d’une intelligence bien réelle. Pourtant, l’intelligence artificielle est bien présente dans notre vie quotidienne et l’histoire comme l’actualité ne nous apportent pas toujours la preuve … Read more

Exploration of the civil-military divide on intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to be a key capability for the US military to maintain military dominance. The United States Department of Defense’s (DoD) engagement with large private-sector high-tech companies, for which the military represents a relatively small percentage of their customer base, provides a valuable means of accessing cutting-edge AI capabilities and AI software … Read more