ChatGPT explained to my grandma: how does artificial intelligence (AI) learn to speak?

ChatGPT explained to my grandma how does artificial intelligence AI

“How does he know how to speak ChatGPT?” So that, Grandma, is the $100,000 question. To begin with, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that is part of a discipline called “Machine learning” (automatic learning), and more precisely of a family that bears the name of “deep learning” (the deep learning). These are fields of research … Read more

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be at the heart of all economic activities

Artificial Intelligence AI will be at the heart of all

The main applications of AI and ML relate to predictive intelligence and decision support. For every application, the power comes not from the machines, but from the decision makers who are behind the machines, guiding their reaction to the predictions. A scientist from the Max Planck Institute summarizes the main issue very well: “AI will … Read more

Artificial intelligence: soon a software to detect cheating with ChatGPT at school

Artificial intelligence soon a software to detect cheating with ChatGPT

He can write an essay, answer questions on a paper, or solve a math problem – sometimes with miscalculations. Already used by some students to cheat when rendering homework, the ChatGPT application worries teachers more and more. This tool, which operates using artificial intelligence technology, has only been available since last November. But a French … Read more

Country of Montbeliard. The Agglo (already) puts artificial intelligence in… the trash can

1674243849 Country of Montbeliard The Agglo already puts artificial intelligence in…

“Digital without use behind it is not very useful. Stéphane Thockler, director of computer systems at PMA, recalls this axiom. It is therefore with the fierce desire to be efficient and relevant that the competent services of the Agglo have cogitated to develop a strategy on the subject. After the optical fiber deployment phase, in … Read more

The Champs-Elysées, “the most beautiful avenue in the world”? ChatGPT artificial intelligence responds

1673912468 The Champs Elysees the most beautiful avenue in the world ChatGPT

Does the Parisian avenue really deserve its nickname? We put the question to ChatGPT, a conversational tool based on artificial intelligence capable of generating text on demand. Are the Champs-Elysées really the most beautiful avenue in the world, or are we just a bit chauvinistic? To decide, we asked the virtual assistant ChatGPT. Launched in … Read more

What specific right dedicated to artificial intelligence?

1673848061 What specific right dedicated to artificial intelligence

By Abdullah Alqalawi There are several phenomena that make it difficult to distinguish legal boundaries with respect to artificial intelligence (AI) and its growing involvement in different fields, including robotics. If we compare, from a temporal point of view, the speed at which AI is developing and its very rapidly changing economic interest, with the … Read more

Artificial intelligence to recruit better… really?

Artificial intelligence to recruit better… really

Tools integrating algorithms mobilizing theartificial intelligence (IA) have gradually gained all stages of the process of recruitment. Already in 2018, 64% of the 9,000 recruiters interviewed in a study online said they used them sometimes or often in the course of their business. 76% thought this technology would have a significant impact on it. A … Read more

Why ChatGPT may be a turning point in artificial intelligence

Why ChatGPT may be a turning point in artificial intelligence

He is a victim of his own success. After its launch at the end of November, the ChatGPT chatbot had attracted a million users in one week. For lack of sufficient capacity to respond to the popular enthusiasm for the tool of OpenAI, the American start-up which created it, access is now more restricted. For … Read more

“Thanks to artificial intelligence, it will soon be possible to travel through the centuries”

Thanks to artificial intelligence it will soon be possible to

FIGAROVOX/MAINTENANCE – The Vestigia laboratory has just developed an artificial intelligence in the hope of reviving, digitally, the Emperor. For Raphaël Doan, co-founder* of the project, technology and the humanities are at the dawn of a new era of reciprocal progress. Site author “What would Napoleon have thought?” Raphaël Doan co-founded Vestigia with Arthur Chevallier … Read more