How to collaborate with influencers on social networks and media?

How to collaborate with influencers on social networks and media

To discover the news of FrenchTech, and the information not to be missed directly in your mailbox at 3 p.m. every day, Click here For this first issue of our new Future of Digital Marketing podcast, we couldn’t get away from the roaring news about influencers, even if the idea is to get out of … Read more

VIDEO. When the political class rolls out the red carpet to Magali Berdah, “boss of influencers” on social networks

VIDEO When the political class rolls out the red carpet

Posted on 07/09/2022 11:52 Update on 07/09/2022 16:03 ADDITIONAL INVESTIGATION / FRANCE 2 Article written by Have politicians found the missing link between them and young people aged 18 to 34? The star influencers of social networks could serve as their relay. Like Magali Berdah, whom “Complément d’Enquête” met. The one who is considered the … Read more

Virtual influencers harmful to mental health?

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

Virtual influencers are increasingly present on social networks, where they are mainly followed by young people. This phenomenon is worrying, in particular because of their potential psychological consequences on their subscribers. Like human influencers, they have thousands of followers on social networks, but, unlike them, they are not real. These virtual influencers are created from … Read more

Plagiarism, a new trend among influencers? – Challenges

By opening his Twitter account, a series of comments challenge Adam Bensoussan. Fans of this young YouTuber, better known by the nickname Adam Bros, have just spotted one of his videos taken over, almost word for word, on another platform. The manager? An online media, known to follow the news of influencers. Section plan, explanatory … Read more

Pro-Russian influencers in battle order

Pro Russian influencers in battle order

On social networks, pro-Russian influencers have been active since the beginning of the conflict with Ukraine. BYKST / CC0 PUBLIC DOMAIN Misinformation can pay off on social networks, as a study by the independent organization Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), specializing in social network analysis, reminds us. The organization has identified twelve influencers in eight … Read more

“Influencers” and “content creators” establish their presence in Cannes

Influencers and content creators establish their presence in Cannes

Its partnership with Tik Tok, the Cannes film festival took an unexpected turn this year. That of a certain revival, of a rejuvenation of its public in any case. Decried by certain purists, die-hard cinephiles, this rapprochement had nevertheless been brewing for several years between the High Mass of Seventh Art and social networks, which … Read more