IT and digital professions: the profiles whose salary will increase the most in 2023

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Tensions will remain on the job market in 2023. Skills shortages and inflationary pressures will not make life easier for recruiters in the IT and digital professions. According to PageGroup’s 2023 Compensation Study, “all IT functions will be under strain with a shortage of candidates. This problem will particularly concern experts in cybercrime, systems engineering … Read more

iPhone 14 Pro: towards a sharp price increase, but Apple would have a trick to get it accepted

iPhone 14 Pro towards a sharp price increase but Apple

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 14 Pro should be significantly more expensive than the iPhone 13 Pro in its time. This will be all the more true in France. Apple would still have provided a small compensation to pass the pill. 3D rendering of the iPhone 14 Pro by Let’s Go Digital and … Read more

The annual increase in the number of SIM cards remains at more than 2 million –

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The Telecoms Regulatory Authority publishes its latest results concerning mobile networks and services. The annual increase in the number of SIM cards now stands at more than 2 million. According to Arcep, the telecoms regulatory authority, the number of SIM cards in France reached 81.6 million at the end of June 2022. The annual increase … Read more

7 out of 10 businesses use mobile marketing to increase revenue within two years

7 out of 10 businesses use mobile marketing to increase

According to AppsFlyer, the budget share devoted to mobile marketing increased in 2021 and will continue to increase in 2022 significantly. AppsFlyer has released a survey analyzing the state of mobile marketing in France to better understand the challenges and opportunities mobile presents this year and beyond. Apple launched iOS 14.5 and ATT (App Tracking … Read more

Electronic cigarettes: vapers risk being affected by a price increase

Faced with inflation, and faced with the surge in their supply costs, manufacturers are likely to raise the amounts “in the coming months, to ensure the sustainability of their activity”, provides the firm Xerfi in a recent study. The electronic cigarette is on the rise, but inflation can lead to an increase in the cost … Read more

How to increase your skills in cybersecurity?

How to increase your skills in cybersecurity

Given that the very vast universe of online data is prey to an increase in computer attacks, it is essential to protect your network and your computer by means of an effective cybersecurity approach. The latter involves the protection of software, data and hardware. It also helps prevent cybercriminals from accessing your data. However, it … Read more

App Store: the price of a subscription may increase without user validation

⏰ 1 hour ago Julian Russo React This is a novelty that has been in testing since the beginning of the year, Apple now allows developers to better manage the pricing of their monthly renewal subscription. The Californian giant now tolerates the price increase of a subscription without interrupting the billing cycle at the user. … Read more