La start-up Inclusive Brains veut favoriser l’insertion professionnelle avec l’IA

« Vous avez là une pépite et un futur leader mondial ! », s’enthousiame Jean-Luc Chauvin, le président de la CCI Aix-Marseille Provence (CCIAMP), en décrivant l’innovation d’Inclusive Brains. La jeune entreprise marseillaise, spécialisée dans l’Intelligence artificielle (IA) et la neurotechnologie, a développé des jumeaux numériques du cerveau humain pour palier, en partie, la perte … Read more

Researchers find that people overestimate the presence of minorities around them, hampering efforts to build a more equitable and inclusive society – Psychology and Psychiatry News

Attempts to build a more equitable and inclusive society have taken a step forward with the discovery of an “illusion of diversity” by a team of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). Their results clearly show that in a social context, most people greatly overestimate the presence of a minority – and this … Read more

How does Simplon manage to make digital more inclusive in Occitania? – ToulEco

Simplon allows people who are out of work, as well as those in professional retraining, to train in digital professions completely free of charge. 20,000 learners have already been trained in the school in almost nine years. Present throughout Occitania, the school has two main locations, in Toulouse and Montpellier. “Our programs are deployed with … Read more