The manufacturer Schneider Electric wants to improve the satisfaction of its “B to B” customers

The manufacturer Schneider Electric wants to improve the satisfaction of

Improving customer satisfaction in business-to-business relationships is a key issue. Schneider Electric, specialist in energy management, equips itself to monitor the satisfaction of its customers. The industrial group has adopted the Medallia software platform, following the example of consumer companies such as Marks & Spencer, a retailer. Schneider Electric is redesigning the way it records … Read more

Electronic invoicing to improve your cash flow

Electronic invoicing to improve your cash flow

Electronic invoicing will become mandatory for all organisations. For the time being, the deployment has begun in certain structures. This is a chance for businesses! Indeed, one of the objectives of electronic invoicing is to speed up payment times. Objectives and legal deadlines of electronic invoicing Some figures on electronic invoicing in France more than … Read more

Besancon. Road safety: artificial intelligence will improve accident prevention

Soon in France the same Internet regulation as in California

The riskiest place in the Greater Besançon territory in terms of road accidents is a 40-hectare area around the intersection between rue de Dole and the RN 57. Although the information is not so surprising, given the significant traffic observed every day in the Planoise-Micropolis area, a Besançon university has just provided scientific proof. To … Read more

How to Clean Your iPhone or Android Speaker (And Improve the Sound).

Tesla un impressionnant accident en Chine relance a tort

Over time, the speakers of a phone (iPhone or Android) get dirty. Dust, dirt, sand… and so on, and the best! As a result, the sound from the speakers becomes weak and of poorer quality. And when you make a call, you can’t hear the caller well. Similarly, if we watch a YouTube video, the … Read more

Why improve in English when you are a computer scientist?

Why improve in English when you are a computer scientist

For a computer scientist, a beginner level in english is not enough to boost a career in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Having a good level in English is therefore essential to be effective and above all to understand the languages ​​and resources available to IT specialists. To do this, take language lessons English may … Read more

Artificial Intelligence at the service of medicine to improve the life expectancy of lung cancer patients

Antoine Lacassagne Center, THURSDAY 08 DECEMBER 2022 Predicting the response to immunotherapy of patients followed for lung cancer and personalizing the therapeutic strategy to improve the quality and life expectancy of patients, this is the objective of the Artificial Intelligence research project “FEDERATED-PET” led by Pr Olivier HUMBERT, (Antoine Lacassagne Cancer Center / Côte d’Azur … Read more

How smart highways improve the travel experience

China’s first “Reconstruction and expansion + Smart highway” traffic supply pilot project, the first smart highway in East China’s Shandong Province, the Tai’an-Zaozhuang section of the Beijing-Taibei- has been officially open to traffic for over a year. From pavement construction to various services, there are changes everywhere. At nightfall, the road flashing light turns on … Read more

Wi-Fi repeater: an effective solution to improve your Internet connection

Sometimes, it only takes a few things to improve your Wi-Fi Internet connection. In fact, sometimes you just need to equip yourself with a Wi-Fi repeater. This is a small box that allows you to extend the coverage of the Wi-Fi network of his Internet box. Sometimes it is included at no extra cost in … Read more