Artificial Intelligence in image production

By Manuel Ruiz Dupont: real-time development process consultant and trainer at Pixelacademia This article discusses the disruption that AI will bring to the field of image production. Even if you are not in the business, you can easily understand it because I illustrate my point with many visual examples (and I advise you to first … Read more

What image education in the age of social networks?

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

In a world saturated with images, it is urgent that, faced with them, our responses go beyond the emotional. Indeed, without an analysis guide, it is fascination that prevails, especially since the images, taken out of context, become viral, which makes their evaluation extremely difficult. All manipulations are then possible knowing that everyone can now … Read more

Vivescia and Inarix develop a tool for rapid assessment of cereal quality, based on image analysis

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

“At a time when Vivescia is making the development of specialty sectors a strategic priority, Inarix’s Pocket Lab tool is a valuable ally for qualifying agricultural raw materials in real time during harvest, thus making the right allotments, to avoid pollution of storage cells in order to promote better value for farmer-cooperators”, explains the cooperative … Read more

e-reputation: How to collect positive Google reviews to better manage your image on the internet?

e reputation How to collect positive Google reviews to better manage

Positive opinions are good signals in terms of E-reputation. Especially when they start to bloom in droves. Only you will understand that Rome was not built in a day. Just like hiring a natural referencing service for your own site, collecting opinions is not a long calm river. It’s even a big headache when you … Read more

Image bank Shutterstock to sell AI-generated works

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) While she had begun to remove from her base the images generated by artificial intelligence, the Shutterstock platform has finally announced that it will now collaborate with the OpenAI company to offer its customers artificially created images – in parallel with images provided by … Read more

5 tips to improve your brand image on the Internet

5 tips to improve your brand image on the Internet.webp

Have you ever noticed that certain brand images are easier to remember? The concept has become a key criterion for your customers and partners. Branding is defined as how consumers and suppliers perceive your business. Thus, it can positively influence your sales figure and the traffic on your website. As you will have understood, a … Read more

After Meta and Google, Microsoft launches its AI image generator Computerworld

After Meta and Google Microsoft launches its AI image generator

Microsoft’s AI-powered image generator wants to spark the imagination of its users. Baptized, Image Creator, the tool is online now, in preview, on certain markets. Microsoft began rolling out Image Creator to Bing as a preview in select markets, preparing the AI-powered art generator for a wider rollout in Edge later this month. In a … Read more

Vietnamese doctor uses AI to turn text into image

Vietnamese doctor uses AI to turn text into image

The Dr. Luong Minh Thang and ten experts from Google Brain, an artificial intelligence research program conducted by Google, designed the Parti model, which has the ability to generate images from text commands. >> A Vietnamese professor at the University of Oklahoma >> Vietnamese professor awarded Japan’s Order of the Rising Sun The Party template … Read more

VeriSilicon AI-ISP delivers innovative image quality enhancement that pushes the limits of computer vision

iPhone 14 VR headset AirPods Pro 2 Apples busy program

VeriSilicon FLEXA low-power, low-latency, and low-bandwidth image quality enhancements™ SAN JOSE, CA, September 13, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VeriSilicon (688521.SH), the leading provider of SiPaaS®, the Silicon-as-a-Service platform, today announced the launch of AI-ISP, an innovative image signal enhancement technology by artificial intelligence for applications such as smartphones, automotive electronics and industrial internet of things (IIoT), providing image … Read more

Stable Diffusion, a new image creation AI that relies on open source

Stable Diffusion a new image creation AI that relies

4 A new AI enters the scene. Among all the machine learning models capable of creating on-demand images, Stable Diffusion stands out as a bit of an exception due to its open source availability. Stable Diffusion’s proposals for the suggestion “Dog in front of a computer” © Stability Ai After Dalle-E, Midjourney and Craiyon, here … Read more