Where does the idea of ​​heating yourself with a flower pot and four candles come from?

TotalEnergies calls for responsibility to allow the good supply of

Heat for a few cents with a flower pot and four candles. This is the promise made by dozens of videos shared on TikTok. According to the publications, it is indeed enough to turn over a terracotta flower pot and place it above four tealight candles to obtain a small heating at a lower cost. … Read more

Why Teams meetings in the metaverse aren’t (necessarily) a bad idea

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

The partnership between Microsoft and Meta promises the democratization of virtual reality and the metaverse. For the professional world, this technological boom could be synonymous with progress, above all for employees. Meetings, many go there dragging their feet. So in the metaverse… However, the tech giants are determined to democratize professional meetings by avatar interposed. … Read more

3 Mobile Photo Editing Tips That Work, Even If You Have No Idea About Photography

3 Mobile Photo Editing Tips That Work Even If You

Today we offer you 3 very simple tricks with which you can improve your photos in seconds. Smartphones increasingly have better cameras and practically all mid-range terminals on the market allow us to take good photos, at least in well-lit scenes. photography apps The automatic mode of mobile cameras allows us to take very good … Read more

Japan: snow to cool Data Centers? The revolutionary idea of ​​a city of Hokkaido – LeBigData.fr

Japan snow to cool Data Centers The revolutionary idea of

The city of Bibai in Japan uses snow to cool its Data Center. A natural and economical solution, which could be a good alternative to the use of drinking water or electric air conditioning… The number of Data Centers all around the world continues to grow, in order to support the rise of streaming, artificial … Read more

Apple has a nifty idea to let you film underwater with your iPhone

Apple has a nifty idea to let you film underwater

Using your iPhone in the rain or taking pictures underwater could become much easier thanks to this technology that Apple is working on. A new patent from Apple tells us more about an interesting technology the Californian company is working on. This is about a new interface that would change when the iPhone screen is … Read more

iPhone: Apple has a new idea to improve its smartphone

iPhone Apple has a new idea to improve its smartphone

Apple is working on improving the resistance of its iPhone. Apple’s smartphone could soon be even more resistant to water and pressure, but it’s not for now. At the height of its fifteen years, the iPhone remains Apple’s flagship product and the smartphone intends to improve further. While its design must evolve this yearthe AppleInsider … Read more

The metaverse, an idea that would really be worth 3,000 billion dollars?

The development of the metaverse, this virtual universe compared by some to the Internet of tomorrow, would make it possible to add 3,000 billion dollars to the world’s GDP in ten years, according to a study published on Monday. But this work, funded by Facebook, has several questionable assumptions. A virtual world that could rain … Read more

Neurosciences: the Prada Foundation presents the “Human Brains: It Begins with an Idea” exhibition in Venice

In 2018, the Fondazione Prada set up a multidisciplinary project in the field of neurosciences which aims to explore the human brain, to understand the complexity of its functions… These reflections gave birth to “Human Brains”, a program of exhibitions, of online debates, conferences and publications which began in November 2020 and will end next … Read more