Social fraud: social security goes on the hunt for abuses committed by health professionals

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

11:36 p.m., September 24, 2022, amended to 11:36 p.m., September 24, 2022 It’s a big operation social anti-fraud which will be launched on September 30 by Social Security. And a taboo that is shattered: in the care sector too, which is often chosen out of taste for others more than excess profit, there are black … Read more

France launches the hunt for rare metals

Quantum Code the new series will be linked to the

Crisis of covid and war in ukraine give the last warning shots to happy globalisation. “We have reached the limits of globalization”, recognizes Christel Bories, CEO of the Eramet mining group (1). Europe is waking up groggy, helpless in the face of its needs for essential metals for the energy and digital transition. After the … Read more

Montpellier: Science invites itself to the Jardin des Plantes in an innovative virtual treasure hunt

1656764324 The Sandbox the metaverse that sells virtual land to brands

A treasure hunt to explore the Jardin des Plantes is what the University of Montpellier offers throughout the summer. An original outing to learn while having fun in the shade of the trees. Aphids, wasps and other parasites proliferate in the Jardin des Plantes! Fortunately, the situation is under control: these are animals and insects … Read more

Hunt for fake reviews on the internet: the rules finally tightened

the essential They are part of our daily life, the opinions and other stars which make it possible to evaluate the quality of a restaurant, a mechanic or other bookshop. However, we do not always know who is hiding behind. It is for this reason that the legislation has just been toughened. The story is … Read more

Vinted, Le Bon Coin, eBay: the difficult hunt for scams for second-hand sales sites

“It’s a nest of scams! “, indignant Mireille Bougeard, retired living in Besançon, about the Vinted platform. In January, she bought a virtual reality headset on the site for 250 euros but it never arrived at her home. It was when she consulted the parcel tracking that she understood the scam. “I saw that it … Read more