Cercy-la-Tour – Treasures of Humanity within everyone’s reach

Cercy la Tour Treasures of Humanity within everyones reach

The Micro-Folies network, to which the Bazois Loire Morvan Community of Communes (CCBLM) has joined to allow everyone free and free access to artistic and historical culture, was presented to the elected representatives of the territory and to the inhabitants, recently, at the town hall of Cercy-la-Tour. Precisely in the wedding hall, t transformed, from … Read more

Three quarters of humanity own a mobile phone, but not all have access to the internet, according to the UN

Three quarters of humanity own a mobile phone but not

Orange with Media Services, published on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 5:03 p.m. About 5.3 billion people, or 66% of the world’s population, use the internet today and almost all of those who are not connected are in the poorest countries. Still non-existent a few decades ago, the mobile phone facilitating Internet access is now … Read more

Detox. No, an artificial intelligence did not foresee the decline of humanity

Detox No an artificial intelligence did not foresee the decline

Posted on 26/10/2022 10:06 Article written by Its millions of Internet users have turned to a video posted on Twitter which announces: Here’s what happens when you ask an artificial intelligence to generate the future of humanity. Verdict: It’s scary! » Ecological catastrophe or technological paradise: what will our future look like? In the absence … Read more

Does this video show the (dark) future of humanity according to an artificial intelligence?

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A viral video seems to predict a dark future for humanity. If the images that make up the sequence have indeed been generated by artificial intelligence, they only transcribe the words and the imagination of a very human artist, Fabio Comparelli. Question Asked By Vince on October 20, 2022 A tweet posted on October 18, … Read more

These Scientists Believe That An Advanced Artificial Intelligence Will End Up With Very Bad Intentions For Humanity – GuruMeditation

These Scientists Believe That An Advanced Artificial Intelligence Will End

DResearchers from the University of Oxford (UK) and the Australian National University have concluded that it is now “likely” that a super intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) will sound the death knell for humanity, a dark scenario that more and more researchers are beginning to predict. Header image: AI SHODAN from the game System Shock. (Wikimedia) … Read more

Why an evolved artificial intelligence will surely want to eradicate Humanity

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Researchers specializing in artificial intelligence have just published a study in which they assume that an artificial intelligence driven by a mission without a finite goal and by rewards could come to annihilate humanity to serve its own interests. Does global warming scare you? Does the approach of a giant meteorite terrify you? Is the … Read more

Researchers Say Development of Artificial Intelligence Leads to ‘Probable Catastrophe’ for Humanity

Researchers Say Development of Artificial Intelligence Leads to Probable Catastrophe

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Are artificial intelligences (AI) leading us to our downfall? “Probably”, according to researchers who have looked into the question. If this announcement with hints of catastrophism runs regularly on social networks, the arguments put forward by scientists have something to arouse interest. Scientists from … Read more

Researchers Say AI Will ‘Likely’ Destroy Humanity

Metaverse la guerre est declaree pour dominer les mondes

Some AI-based systems could start “cheating”, with very concrete consequences for humanity. As impressive as they are, many observers like Elon Musk agree that the technologies associated with artificial intelligence also entail considerable risks that must be anticipated today. This is also the conclusion of a chilling new research paper whose authors believe that this … Read more

Artificial intelligence will “likely” destroy humanity, according to Oxford and Google – LeBigData.fr

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Artificial intelligence will “probably” destroy humanity. That’s the grim conclusion of researchers at Google DeepMind and the University of Oxford, who say robots with AI are likely to perceive us as obstacles to their goals and competitors for the resources and energy needed to do so. their survival… If you are optimistic, you may think … Read more