How super computers are inspired by the human brain

How super computers are inspired by the human brain

Our computers are more and more powerful. They are gaining in speed, in computing power, and make it possible to carry out ever more complex tasks, as evidenced by the recent switch to exascale supercomputers with ” frontier ” in the USA. These advances are crucial for continued progress in areas at the forefront of … Read more

To be more effective, the new DeepMind chatbot will rely on human reactions

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

What’s the trick to creating a successful chatbot with artificial intelligence (AI)? According to a new article published by DeepMind, a laboratory specializing in AI, we must rely on two levers: first, ask humans to tell this chatbot (or software agent that dialogues with a user) how it should behave . And second, it needs … Read more

MidJourney AI Wins Art Contest, Human Artists Rage

Apres les echecs et le go DeepMind fait jouer sa

A Colorado resident has won an art contest by submitting a painting generated by MidJourney artificial intelligence. His victory creates controversy, and triggers the anger of artists on social networks… should we let AI conquer the art world? In entering his first art contest, Jason M. Allen didn’t really think he had a chance to … Read more

Cognitive computing, the AI ​​that aims to equal the human

Cognitive computing the AI ​​that aims to equal the human

Where is research in cognitive computing? What are the first results? Can it claim to lead to a strong artificial intelligence? the cognitive computing is often touted as one of the biggest challenges in today’s computing. It aims to provide a digital system with reasoning capabilities close to those of a human. Translation: create a … Read more

No, the human brain did not shrink 3,000 years ago – Archeology and Paleontology News

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

Did the 12th century BCE – a time when humans were forging great empires and developing new forms of written text – coincide with an evolutionary reduction in brain size? Think again, says a team of researchers led by UNLV who refute a hypothesis that is increasingly popular among the scientific community. Last year, a … Read more

Artificial intelligence, a (r)evolution more human than technological

Orange Sonatel opens Orange 5G Lab Dakar the first in

Algorithms are judged more harshly than humans when they make a mistake. Also, if it is inappropriate to seek to deny the dangerous excesses resulting from the use of certain algorithms, it would be even more naive to condemn them all, according to over-generalizations, their incomprehension, or the dishonesty of certain designers. Considering algorithms through … Read more

Here is a living human skin to cover humanoid robots

A robotic finger driven by an electric motor: here is the video illustration of the new method developed by Japanese researchers to make human skin. Published in the magazine matter, their study breaks new ground with the presentation of a skin tissue molding method that adapts to the shape of the robot. Like a human … Read more

NAVER turns its 1784 building into a hybrid human and robot working environment

NAVER is testing an ultra-modern human-robot environment in its 1784 building. An experiment that could teach us a lot. NAVERthe leading search engine in South Korea, transforms its 1784 building into an environment in which “humans work in harmony with robots“. The goal is to have 100 robots that evolve autonomously in the building to … Read more

Amazon: “human” remains discovered during research carried out after the disappearance of two men

Amazon human remains discovered during research carried out after the

Members of the National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI) hold a poster with images of British journalist Dom Phillips (left), and anthropologist Bruno Araujo Pereira, with the phrase “Where are they? » written in Portuguese, during a vigil in Brasilia, Thursday, June 9th. ERALDO PERES / AP The authorities announced the discovery, on Friday June 10, of … Read more

Videos / SIEL 2022 – The CNDH stand, “an opportunity to interact on current human rights issues”, says Ms Bouayach

The stand of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) at the 27th edition of the International Publishing and Book Fair (SIEL), presented on the occasion of its second day a very rich and varied program. The President of the CNDH, Amina Bouayach present throughout the day’s activities, said in an exclusive statement to … Read more