📰 Talking clock history now for free on the internet

Talking clock history now for free on the internet

More than 89 years after its commissioning at the Paris Observatory, the speaking clock, which can be consulted by everyone on the telephone, ceases its activity on July 1, 2022. From now on, French legal time is made accessible via the Internet, through a site reference: hourlegalefrancaise.fr Born in 1933, the Speaking Clock, a world … Read more

Assassin’s Creed: Le Secret de Camerone, augmented reality at the service of History

Assassins Creed Le Secret de Camerone augmented reality at the

After the success of previous editions, the mobile game Assassin’s Creed: Cameron’s Secret is making a comeback to Aubagne Foreign Legion Museum. For the occasion, a free demo version is also available for iOS and Android devices. The Battle of Camerone, a feat of arms of the Foreign Legion On April 30, 1863 … Read more

Popularization – An economics professor is preparing a website devoted to the history of the city of Gien

Popularization An economics professor is preparing a website devoted

Can you be a teacher and do history without being a history teacher? The question does not arise for Xavier Collet, who teaches economics, management and finance at the Saint-François-de-Sales high school in Gien. His website “Histoires de Gien” proves it, since it was notably hailed recently on social networks by a certain Michel Tissier, … Read more

Android and iPhone track you without your knowledge, how to erase GPS history

All smartphones track their users by default – including iPhones. Normally this location data is encrypted and must remain private. But they can allow a malicious person (from your entourage or not) to trace the course of a person. Which can, for example, help to realize an adulterous affair, or another corner of the user’s … Read more

Global Merchant Embedded Computing Market Analysis, History and Forecast Report 2022-2029 | Advantech, Kontron, Abaco – Androidfun.fr

The global report Merchant Embedded Computing Market 2022 is a comprehensive study that includes data on the market size, growth, share, demand, sales and forecast through 2029. This research also includes a general study of the merchant embedded computing market share , as well as the set of elements that influence the growth of the … Read more