Broadband Index Cisco 2022: Plan France Very High Speed, 71% of French people want the acceleration of the deployment of a high-speed and reliable Internet connection – Forbes France

Broadband Index Cisco 2022 Plan France Very High Speed 71

Cisco recently unveiled the new edition of its Broadband Index which demonstrates the demandingthis increase in French people regarding the quality of their Internet connection. Conducted with nearly 60,000 working people across 30 countries, with a particular focus on France, the study questions their opinion on their access to the Internet, the quality of theirconnection … Read more

Exhibition: Intel, a new powerhouse of high-speed computing

A train of new processors with characteristics each more amazing than the next. In Dallas, on the occasion of its Intel Vision 2022 show, finally in person, Intel returned to the great hours of the IDF, this annual event hosted by Pat Gelsinger in the early 2000s and which drew attention each time. computing … Read more