Vendée: waste production in 2021 on the rise after the health crisis

Vendee waste production in 2021 on the rise after the

By Pierre Barboteau Published on Jun 28 ’22 at 4:46 PM The Journal of the Yonnais Country See my news Follow this media Waste will increase in Vendée in 2021. ©Redaction La Roche-sur-Yon The observation is clear: waste has started to rise again in the Vendée department, during the year 2021. The proof is in … Read more

Artificial intelligence in health, a great need for training

Artificial intelligence (AI) in health can take various forms: aid in diagnosis, drug development… In all cases, it requires new skills, explains Professor Xavier Tannier, researcher at the medical informatics laboratory and knowledge engineering in e-Health at the University of Paris, the Sorbonne. “AI, in general, is trying to implement systems that simulate human reasoning,” … Read more

Connected health: the new marketing director of Withings recruited to boost services

Connected health the new marketing director of Withings recruited to

Withings, a specialist in connected health terminals and health data, is recruiting Franco-American Elizabeth Coleon as marketing director. The new manager is focused on the rapid growth of services, whether at the French neo-bank Qonto where she was marketing director or at the payment platform PayPal where she was Commercial Growth Director. ” Elizabeth Coleon … Read more

Marché de la santé de l’Internet des objets (IoT) 2022 par les principaux fournisseurs: Medtronic, IBM Corporation, Microsoft, Koninklijke Philips NV, Proteus Digital Health, Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc., SAP SE –

Marche de la sante de lInternet des objets IoT 2022

Ce rapport d’étude de marché comprend une analyse approfondie des moteurs, des contraintes, des menaces et des opportunités du marché, tout en traitant également des options d’investissement lucratives pour les acteurs du marché dans les années à venir. La taille du marché, les revenus générés par les ventes et les technologies par divers segments d’application … Read more

Health – The hospital of Tulle (Corrèze) is equipped with a new mammograph operating with artificial intelligence

Health The hospital of Tulle Correze is equipped with

“We are at the frontier of our knowledge. » Jean-Luc Soleilhavoup, biomedical engineer in the radiology department of the hospital of Tulle does not hide his enthusiasm. The radiologist Alexis Chebib, head of department, either. “Thanks to the artificial intelligence of this new mammograph, diagnosis and follow-up will be greatly improved. » A more accurate … Read more

Website creation: a practical guide for health professionals

To have permanent visibility, professionals create their website. But the benefits of a site don’t stop there. If developed correctly, it can allow you to acquire new patients and then retain them. It simplifies the contact between you and your customers. He weaves a bond of trust between professional and patient, and thus gives you … Read more

Health: what place can virtual reality find in the treatment of the patient?

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Is medicine catching up with science fiction? Some recent developments in medicine may be reminiscent of what one can read or see in science fiction books or films. This project combines the virtual reality treatment of the patient through radiotherapy. Reminder: what is radiotherapy? Along with surgery and … Read more

The metaverse: a new dimension for mental health?

ISLE OF MAY: At the height of the breeding season, some 200,000 birds, from kittiwakes to guillemots, take refuge on the Isle of May, off the east coast of Scotland. Among them, puffins, whose decline worries conservationists. “The population really exploded in the 80s and 90s and then suddenly there was a collapse,” David Steel, … Read more

Connected health is getting better on Android thanks to Google and Samsung

Connected health is getting better on Android thanks to Google

Google and Samsung have joined forces to develop a platform to pool the health data collected by your connected objects and your applications. The Google Fit app // Source: Frandroid With the Google I/Omany new features have arrived on Android, particularly in terms of connected health. Google and Samsung announce that they have created Health … Read more