How Virtual Reality Helps Diagnose Vision Health Accurately

How Virtual Reality Helps Diagnose Vision Health Accurately

A new feat made in France. Thanks to virtual reality, the company Eyesoft has developed a system capable of detecting eye disorders with precision. Something to revolutionize the choice of lenses for glasses in order to offer a truly tailor-made pair, but also to anticipate more serious illnesses. Headphones virtual reality screwed onto the skull, … Read more

His app increases access to mental health care

His app increases access to mental health care

An employee of Here Hear, an app that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose and treat depression, visits a high school and shows students how to accurately monitor their stress levels. (Courtesy of Lynia Huang) Prejudices around mental health persist in society, to such an extent that many people who need it do not seek treatment: … Read more

The Mental Tech collective puts technology at the service of mental health

At the start, there were seven of them! Hypno VR, Kwit, Moka Care, Petit Bambou, Qare, Resil Eyes Therapeutics, Tricky, these expert start-ups in the world of e-mental health created the Mental Tech collective in March 2022. Joined since by around twenty start-ups and health professionals in the sector, they intend to advance the place … Read more

Technology at the Service of Health: Revolution in the Medical Field | The Tech Review

Technology at the Service of Health Revolution in the Medical

The medical field is undergoing a rapid transformation thanks to new innovative technologies in the Health Service such as mobile applications, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and robotics, remote monitoring Use of new innovative technologies in the medical world This Revolution in the Medical Field at the Service of Health allows unprecedented access to health … Read more

The future challenges of artificial intelligence in health – Sciences et Avenir

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Digital in the hospital is making great strides. Some algorithms are already able to better diagnose lung cancer or analyze a mammogram than a doctor. This technology promises immense advances in the future, provided certain challenges are met. Several players and analysts in the field, gathered during the round table “Digital, artificial intelligence, doctors and … Read more

Atos successfully deploys My Health Space

Atos successfully deploys My Health Space

Atos successfully deploysMy Health Space My Health area allow at 65 million ofinsured to access services digital health in a framework ruler and secured Paris, France – the 23 november 2022 – The consortium led by Atos announces that it has successfully delivered the secure service My space Health (MES) co-constructed with the National Health … Read more

Metaverse and health: a premature revolution?

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If there’s one topic that’s been ringing in the media for weeks, it’s the Metaverse. Considered the next digital revolution, the metaverse is shaking up the companies that appropriate it. But for the general public, it is quite another thing, the metaverse, described as “the future of the internet”, is rather obscure and its notoriety … Read more

Telephone, internet, networks, health: how to protect the privacy of children?

Telephone internet networks health how to protect the privacy of

“How to protect children while respecting their freedom? The Defender of Rights puts the spotlight on Thursday, November 17, 2022 on children’s right to a private life, a thorny challenge for all families, particularly with regard to the digital world. Illustration photo Pixabay Published: November 17, 2022 at 3:27 p.m. Reading time: 3 mins “When … Read more

And if the state of health was seen in the eyes?

And if the state of health was seen in the

Artificial intelligence is turning the medical field upside down. Among these revolutions, there is one that concerns the eyes. Indeed, an AI would make it possible to read the state of health through the latter. Thanks to such technology, it will be possible to screen for Alzheimer’s disease and the risk of infarction via retinal … Read more

Artificial intelligence: already concrete applications in health

DSIH, TUESDAY OCTOBER 25, 2022 MIT, the National Academy of Medicine and the Health Data Hub (HDH) organized the second edition of the symposium on October 20 “Artificial Intelligence and Medicine: promises and limits”during which American and European health AI experts discussed concrete use cases. This half-day was structured around three sessions aimed at shedding … Read more