Oculus Meta Quest Pro: the most successful virtual reality headset is available for sale

Oculus Meta Quest Pro the most successful virtual reality headset

The company Meta relies heavily on virtual reality. The proof is with its new headset, the Oculus Meta Quest Pro, which is one of the most complete you can find today. It is already available for sale at Boulanger. It was in early October that Meta (formerly Facebook) unveiled and released the Oculus Meta Quest … Read more

Forget Oculus, This Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Is Madness

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Oculus was the big brand in virtual reality for a long time before being bought out by Meta (ex-Facebook). The latter removed the name to rename the Meta Quest 2 helmet. For Black Friday, it is at a mini price. The Meta Quest 2 is the premium virtual reality headset available to the general public. … Read more

Meta Quest 2: Amazon offers the VR headset at a maddening (and unprecedented) price

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The Meta Quest 2 is the first virtual reality headset for the general public and premium. This is the first time that he has benefited from a discount for Black Friday, not only financial but also with two games as a gift. The Meta Quest 2 headset, formerly known as the Oculus Quest, is a … Read more

Reference of the field, the VR headset Meta Quest 2 collapses at Amazon

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Meta is the name of the Facebook group. It obviously includes social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp but it also has a division around virtual reality. After acquiring the Oculus group behind the first quality consumer virtual headset, it decided to rename this model Meta Quest. Today, the Meta Quest 2 is the most … Read more

Virtual reality: if you die in the game, this VR headset also kills you in real life

Virtual reality if you die in the game this VR

By Martin Leduc Published on 17 Nov 22 at 20:32 News See my news Follow this media An American engineer has invented a virtual reality headset that explodes if its host dies in the game he is playing. (©rh2010 / Adobe Stock) You read correctly. Palmer Luckey, the American who co-founded Oculus VR and is … Read more

HTC RUMOR: leaks suggest VIVE is preparing a modular VR headset for 2023, Flowcus in sight?

HTC RUMOR leaks suggest VIVE is preparing a modular VR

In a period when the profusion of new helmets VR is clearly felt, here is the manufacturer HTC VIVE would plan to launch a modular helmet for the year 2023 according to the YouTuber always very well informed SadlyItsBradley. Bradley begins his video with a disclaimer explaining that info and features helmet VR … Read more

Apple VR headset: price, release date, design, do we already know everything?

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News hardware Apple VR headset: price, release date, design, do we already know everything? Published on 14/11/2022 at 15:50 If you haven’t followed all the news about Apple’s virtual reality and augmented reality headset, you’re not at the end of your surprises. While it won’t be released this year, we already know a lot about … Read more