Second hand: where to buy second-hand sports equipment on the internet to save money? – Here is

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What if we took a double good resolution by getting back to sport while consuming green? This is the bet of several resale platforms for clothing and sports equipment! Notice to second-hand fans or those who want to get started. Getting into sport is good. Get back to sport without breaking the bank, it’s better! … Read more

The PSG hand in danger, skiing in Virtual Reality… Your sports weekend in Île-de-France

VPN vs Router Security Understanding It All

Since the start of the season, Le Parisien has offered a selection of issues and events not to be missed in Île-de-France before each weekend. Their national selections being on the track, basketball and rugby are in off mode in the championship. The news therefore focuses on handball (male, the French women’s team competes in … Read more

Leboncoin, Vinted, Facebook Market… Why is second hand a hit on the Internet?

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

Furniture, clothing, household appliances, decoration… The second-hand trend has spread to most sectors. And market players are innovating to meet the expectations of consumers attentive to their purchasing power and their carbon footprint. “I do not know if the second hand will replace the current consumer model permanently, but in any case, she lives a … Read more

Your baccalaureate in hand? Do computer science on a work-study basis! Become a dev. Fullstack or ethical hacker!

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

At IPSSI, the IT school designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, you can join a quality work-study program to become a big data web developer or an ethical hacker, two professions with a future that are as essential as they are exciting. ! Computer science attracts you? Do you want to become a big data web … Read more

We tested the Free terminals: the promise of 3 minutes watch in hand to open a line

We tested the Free terminals the promise of 3 minutes

The holidays are approaching and you need an extra phone line. Always quick to disrupt habits and services, Free drew up a solution a few years ago: the Free terminal. And with it, the promise of an open and active line in minutes. A Free terminal in the store to pick up your line right … Read more

Collaborations, metavers, second hand: luxury, but better!

Often at the forefront of the greatest retail revolutions, and particularly exemplary in terms of customer experience, the luxury sector continues to take on greater challenges each year. Some of them also come to shake deep convictions and historical practices for its protagonists, pushing them into entrenchments unimaginable even a few years ago… Among them, … Read more