There is a hack that unlocks 90Hz mode on the Pixel 6a (but we don’t recommend it)

There is a hack that unlocks 90Hz mode on the

The Pixel 6a could apparently support a 90Hz display according to some sources. A technique to force the smartphone to display a higher refresh rate has reportedly been developed, but would not work on all models at this time. The Google Pixel 6a screen // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid It used to be one … Read more

Solana’s investigation indicates the wallet hack is linked to the Slope mobile app

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Following the attack on the Solana wallet, the team responsible for analyzing this hack informed the public and clarified that the wallet addresses affected by the hack were linked to the Slope mobile wallet applications. The team also pointed out that “there is no evidence that the Solana protocol or its cryptography has been compromised“. … Read more

Cryptocurrencies: a massive hack targets a wallet on the Solana blockchain

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The Solana blockchain has been targeted by a major hack since the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. The weak link is called Slope. It is a Solana-compatible cryptocurrency wallet on mobile that also offers a browser extension to access decentralized blockchain applications. At this time, according to estimates, around 8,000 wallets have been siphoned off, … Read more

How spoofed Android apps rely on Google and Microsoft to hack you

How spoofed Android apps rely on Google and Microsoft to

More than a dozen Trojans have again been found on Google Play. Hackers use Firebase and GitHub services to stay under the radar and get their way. We can say that pirates still have quite a nerve. TrendMicro security researchers found seventeen corrupt apps on Google Play whose mode of operation is based on services … Read more

Crypto Hebdo: from Ronaldo’s partnership to the Horizon and Solana Mobile hack – BeinCrypto

As the crypto market continues to struggle to avoid the worst-case scenario, good and bad news is piling up for the sector. First, there is Cristiano Ronaldo who has just joined the crypto sphere with his partnership with Binance. Then, Solana announced the launch of a “crypto smartphone” dedicated to web 3. Finally, Tether announced … Read more

Android hack: why the security of 35% of mobiles threatens to fly away

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Android smartphones represent 70% market share in the mode, which does not prevent them from fishing on the side of security. As Bitdefender points out in a blog post, the fragmentation of the ecosystem – in other words the splitting of smartphones in circulation between different Android versions – is a real security problem. Bitdefender … Read more

Diablo Immortal (iOS/Android): 10 best hack n slash to end the pay to win

Diablo Immortal iOSAndroid 10 best hack n slash to end

Following the discontent of players vis-à-vis the free-to-play model of Diablo Immortal, we decided to erect a selection of alternatives to the Blizzard title. With free-to-play games on Android and iOS, but by no means pay-to-win. Diablo Immortal After a long wait, Diablo Immortal finally released on Android and iPhone. But as we told you … Read more

After the iPhone with a USB-C port, the AirPods are entitled to the same hack

After the iPhone with a USB C port the AirPods are

Ken Pillonel does it again after the iPhone with USB-C port by creating the AirPods with USB-C port! By doing this, he has undoubtedly fulfilled the dream of many tech fans! The AirPods 3 case opens easily with one hand // Source: Frandroid After iPhone with USB-C portafter the Android phone with Lightning portengineering student … Read more