Digital barometer: what we remember from the internet and mobile habits of the French

Digital barometer what we remember from the internet and mobile

The Digital Barometer is an annual study carried out by CREDOC which analyzes the distribution of digital equipment and the evolution of their uses. What are the uses of French consumers and are they satisfied with the internet and mobile networks to which they have access? Here’s a little recap of what we picked up. … Read more

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence that will revolutionize our habits – I24NEWS

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

Google fears that this conversational agent will eventually replace its search engine “How was the world created?”, “Write a humorous scene between two people”, “What to do in case of a heart attack?”, “The recipe for cabbage soup”… To all these questions, the conversational robot ChatGPT, developed by the Californian start-up OpenAI, answers with disconcerting … Read more

Study: the entertainment habits of our children worry

Study the entertainment habits of our children worry

Christmas is approaching with its usual lot of gifts under the tree, to please the whole family. Among the products expected on D-Day, mobiles will undoubtedly be the stars of next weekend. And adults are not the only ones who will be able to benefit from it, according to a new study signed M6. According … Read more

RecyclageVR, the application that teaches good waste sorting habits in virtual reality

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

According Citeo, 51% of French households systematically sort their household packaging, and 89% do so regularly. This represents 54 kg of packaging sorted per inhabitant and per year on average, and 2.2 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions avoided (2021 figures). Of course, not all packaging is equal when it comes to recycling (only 30% … Read more

Technical goods and cultural goods: the Internet is becoming part of purchasing habits – Fevad, the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling

Technical goods and cultural goods the Internet is becoming part

Paris, November 25, 2021 PRESS RELEASE GfK Market & Consumer Intelligence experts deliver their first analyzes of non-food markets, in a very dynamic purchasing context at the end of September (+12% compared to JS 2020). Technical goods: More than 30% of turnover generated online 2021 confirms the positive 2020 dynamics of the Home Equipment markets. … Read more