Internet Of Behaviours: The complete guide to know everything about the concept –

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The Internet of Behaviors focuses on the study of the behavior of Internet users. Based on the collection of consumer data, it influences the marketing strategy of companies. The Internet of Things brings together the various connected devices with which many tasks can be performed. For their part, companies have used it as a means … Read more

Ready Player One: A Prophetic User’s Guide to the Metaverse

Ready Player One A Prophetic Users Guide to the Metaverse

Metavers. Some see it as the future of the Internet, or even the future of all of us. Like the boss of the fire Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg who, last October, announced with fanfare to make it the new hobbyhorse of his company, renamed “Meta”, precisely. But what is it really about? Forget the laborious investigations … Read more

Online sales app: the complete guide to apps for selling on the internet

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What are the best apps for selling online? The best apps to sell online are those that provide a good user experience. They should have features like: Easy to use interface; Complete content; Good UX (user experience) and features like social sharing, video/audio support and translations. With proper valuation, apps can earn you a lot … Read more

PR: Alliance Digitale launches the eRetail Media Measurement Guide – MMAF

PR Alliance Digitale launches the eRetail Media Measurement Guide

Paris, September 15, 2022 The ecosystem that revolves around eRetail Media has never been so rich and complex. With a posted growth of +42%, this marketing lever, still in search of maturity and structuring, has won over Advertisers, Distributors, AdTech, Martech, Technological Solutions and Media Agencies. eRetail Media stands out as the essential means of … Read more

iCloud+ guide: which online storage offers and at what price?

iCloud guide which online storage offers and at what price

Basically, each Apple account comes with 5 GB of free iCloud storage. The problem, as you probably know, is that all recent iPhones, without exception, are supplied without an SD card slot. However, it turns out that their storage options are particularly expensive when you want to offer more than the basic model… Hence the … Read more

Matériel informatique reconditionné : guide, entreprises, PC Linux

Cette liste d’acteurs du reconditionnement et du recyclage informatique vous permet de trouver un fournisseur de smartphones, tablettes et ordinateurs reconditionnés ou recyclés en ligne et en français. En France, au Luxembourg, en Belgique et en Suisse. Dernière mise à jour le 09 août 2022. Table des matières La liste comprend actuellement :  E-Recycle  Association Défi … Read more