Grid Legends in VR for Meta Quest 2 – Our opinion

Grid Legends in VR for Meta Quest 2 Our

Grid Legends Kind : Race, single and multiplayer Developer: Codemasters Editor: Electronic Arts Release date: 2/25/2022 (on other platforms) Platforms: PS, PC, PS4, PS5, XO, XSX, Grid Legends MetaQuest Cut : 31 GB Price : $34.95 Release date: January 12, 2023 For Facebook’s VR platform to be recognized for its true value, it is necessary … Read more

PolkaDot LivingFree: an amazing Tiny House (off the grid) with a Starlink internet connection

PolkaDot LivingFree an amazing Tiny House off the grid with

Do you dream of a functional, autonomous, on wheels, ecological, affordable, modular, versatile, but also off-road and off-grid suitable small house? You must then take a few minutes to read what follows, and discover the Polkadot LivingFree. This small house combines all the qualities mentioned above and will be presented at the next electric vehicle … Read more