ChatGPT explained to my grandma: how does artificial intelligence (AI) learn to speak?

ChatGPT explained to my grandma how does artificial intelligence AI

“How does he know how to speak ChatGPT?” So that, Grandma, is the $100,000 question. To begin with, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that is part of a discipline called “Machine learning” (automatic learning), and more precisely of a family that bears the name of “deep learning” (the deep learning). These are fields of research … Read more

ChatGPT vs Reporter: “I tested negative, can I go see my grandma?” –

Essentially: Covid self-tests are widely used in Switzerland. These tests are reliable when they are positive, but not at all when they are negative. With the Omicron variant, it’s even worse. So don’t go to your grandmother with a runny nose. You can’t just “catch a cold”, don’t listen to your grandmother. In the middle … Read more

Grandma geeks take over the internet

Grandma geeks take over the internet

Published on : 04-03-2022 #trends Seniors These seniors have reinvented themselves in retirement thanks to the Internet. Their daily life: having fun, transmitting, making people laugh and sharing their passions with their millions of followers. Grandmothers connected, in the world and in a good mood. 1. TikTok star grandmas Screenshot TikTok / (@mamie_et_math) TikTok is … Read more