Is Google’s AI Sensitive? Stanford AI Experts Say It’s ‘Pure Clickbait’

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

Following viral claims by a Google engineer that the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ‘LaMDa’ was sentient, Stanford experts urged skepticism and open-mindedness while encouraging a rethink of what means to be “sensitive”. Blake Lemoine was an engineer tasked with testing whether Google’s conversational AI machine produced hate speech when his conversations with LaMDA led him … Read more

Gone: all about Google’s AI banned from the general public –

Gone all about Googles AI banned from the general public

Parti is an artificial intelligence created by Google, capable of generating images from texts. Considered too dangerous for the public, this AI is kept secret. Find out everything you need to know. L’artificial intelligence now allows you to generate images from text. After Open AI DALL-E, Google launched Imagen based on a similar architecture with … Read more

Android 13 Beta 3.2: what’s new for Google’s OS?

Android 13 Beta 32 whats new for Googles OS

News hardware Android 13 Beta 3.2: what’s new for Google’s OS? Published on 06/17/2022 at 20:30 Formalized at the Google I/O conference held last May, Android 13 continues to unfold smoothly through its beta version. The Beta 3.2 update has just arrived on compatible devices. Android 13 will make its official arrival on the market … Read more

Google’s AI is afraid of being unplugged: is it already conscious?

Googles AI is afraid of being unplugged is it already

News hardware Google’s AI is afraid of being unplugged: is it already conscious? Published on 06/16/2022 at 17:05 Research and development within Google’s labs has given rise to immense technological advances, one of them based on neural networks has enabled the American giant to create an Artificial Intelligence that seems to exceed the expectations of … Read more

No, Google’s artificial intelligence is not aware

Does Obi Wan Kenobis Strength Come From StageCraft

From our correspondent in the United States, The case is causing a stir in Silicon Valley and in the academic world of artificial intelligence. Saturday, the washington post has set foot in the dish with an item titled “The Google engineer who thinks the company’s AI has woken up.” Blake Lemoine assures us that TheMDAthe … Read more

Google’s AI thinks it has a soul (and it’s worrying)

A Google engineer recently shed light on the sensitivity of the American giant’s artificial intelligence, which he describes as a “person”. You could think of an episode of black-mirror, But no. A Google employee recently referred to Google’s AI as “nobody”, after a series of conversations in which the computer LaMDA described himself as having … Read more

What is Google’s new skin tone scale? – BBC News Africa

What is Googles new skin tone scale BBC News

9 hours ago Photo credit, Google Google has unveiled a more diverse skin tone scale to develop its artificial intelligence systems. The new Monk Skin Tone Scale, named after Harvard University professor Dr. Ellis Monk, has ten skin tones. To read especially on BBC Africa: Google says it will replace outdated skin tone scales, which … Read more

These images are stunningly realistic… But they were created by Google’s AI thanks to a simple description

These images are stunningly realistic But they were created by

News hardware These images are stunningly realistic… But they were created by Google’s AI thanks to a simple description Published on 05/25/2022 at 08:25 The Google Brain laboratory, specializing in deep learning, has just presented its latest advances in artificial intelligence: on the program, the creation of realistic images from short texts. The result is … Read more

Artificial intelligence: five minutes to understand Google’s new skin color detection system

The tech giant wants to commit to diversity. At its annual conference, Google announced last Wednesday the launch of a new shade classification, the Monk Skin Tone (MST) Scale, which, according to the company, will allow a better representation of skin colors across its platforms. Explanations. How does this classification work? Before the creation of … Read more

Google Wallet: Google’s digital wallet comes back to life

Google Wallet Googles digital wallet comes back to life

On May 11, the first part of Google I/O was held, the annual conference organized by Google in San Francisco. During this, the subsidiary ofAlphabet announced the arrival of a generator of virtual bank cards, Virtual Cards, but also the return of Google Wallet, its digital wallet. The Google Wallet brought back to life Google … Read more