Google, Samsung and Qualcomm join forces to counter Apple’s future headphones

Google Samsung and Qualcomm join forces to counter Apples future

At the end of the conference dedicated to the Galaxy S23, Samsung announced that it was preparing “for future XR experiences” (for Extended Reality). The Korean brand is counting on Google and Qualcomm to help it design its future product. Long before the Meta Quest Pro, there was the Samsung Gear VR. The helmet of … Read more

Grâce à ChatGPT, il a créé un assistant pour iPhone qui ridiculise Siri, Alexa et Google Assistant

Grace a ChatGPT il a cree un assistant pour iPhone

Un développeur a eu la brillante idée d’utiliser le bot d’OpenAI comme assistant domotique. Le résultat est bluffant, et devrait servir de leçon aux assistants d’Apple, Amazon ou Google… Ce n’est que du bricolage, et c’est peut-être pourtant un premier coup d’œil futur des assistants personnels. Mate Marschalko, un développeur sans doute fatigué des réponses … Read more

How to Make Google Maps the Default Navigation App on iPhone

How to Make Google Maps the Default Navigation App on

Navigation apps have become an essential tool for smartphone users. Now, whether you want to check directions for unfamiliar areas, live traffic updates, public transport timetables, local business information, or even more, you can do these things right on your smartphone. There is a wide range of navigation apps available for iPhone users. iPhones come … Read more

Google Pixel 7, Galaxy S22 or Xiaomi 12T: RED cuts the prices of the best smartphones of 2022

1673747603 Google Pixel 7 Galaxy S22 or Xiaomi 12T RED cuts

At the start of the year, RED is pulling out all the stops with very nice offers on the best smartphones of 2022. Google Pixel 7, Xiaomi 12T… all these smartphones are offered with reductions ranging from 40 to 120 euros, the everything with or without package. What better excuse than the new year to … Read more

Microsoft wants to compete with the Play Store, will Google intervene?

1673669243 Microsoft wants to compete with the Play Store will Google

If the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft passes all the regulatory steps, it would be the largest transaction in the world of video games, and even in tech in general. As a reminder, it was in January 2022 that the Redmond firm formalized its plan to buy Activision Blizzard for 68.7 billion dollars. A … Read more

Android: Google attacks the transfer of eSim cards between smartphones

Android Google attacks the transfer of eSim cards between smartphones

If Apple offers to easily transfer its eSim card from one iPhone to another thanks to iOS 16, this functionality was still missing on Android. However, Google is visibly working on its deployment, as evidenced by the notes of the 2nd beta update of Android QPR 2. Credit: 123RF In recent years, the eSim is … Read more

Android: Google brings new features to older versions

Android Google brings new features to older versions

Google has just released the public version of its software extension development kit which allows older versions of Android to take advantage of new features. We take stock of what this means for your smartphone. Google is trying to bring new features to phones that haven’t received system updates for some time. To do this, … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Will ChatGPT replace Google?

Artificial intelligence at the service of the next generation of

Red alert at Google, where there are fears that ChatGPT, the supercharged chatbot made public on November 30 by Open AIdoes not come to challenge the domination of the technological giant on Internet search, which remains the basis of its business model. Company executive Sundar Pichai participated in a series of meetings aimed at redefining … Read more

Un grand panneau publicitaire de Google demande Apple de corriger les photos et vidos

Un grand panneau publicitaire de Google demande a Apple de

Google continue de chambrer Apple propos des problmes de compatibilit des messages texte changs entre Android et iOS. Cette fois-ci, sur un grand panneau publicitaire sur le thme du Nouvel An Harmon Corner Las Vegas, et avec un ton narquois, Google a de nouveau invit Apple intgrer le protocole RCS (Rich Communication Services) son service … Read more

Google is rolling out the new Android Auto interface

Soon in France the same Internet regulation as in California

The new version of Android Auto is being rolled out to all users. In addition to a redesigned interface, this major update introduces several new features. Android Auto gets a makeover. Last May, Google presented the new version of its on-board navigation system at its Google I/O conference. The Mountain View company this time took … Read more