Big prototype of TCL RayNeo X2 glasses shows how difficult effective augmented reality is

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TCL unveils a prototype of augmented reality glasses. The RayNeo X2s remind us why augmented reality is so difficult today. For augmented reality glasses to become popular, they are going to have to look similar to traditional glasses. TCL unveiled a pair at CES 2023 that shows all the progress that still needs to be … Read more

These AR glasses want you to forget about your smartphone

These AR glasses want you to forget about your smartphone

TCL presents new augmented reality glasses with Micro-LED screen. Like smartphones, they can translate content, take photos, act as GPS or receive notifications. TCL has more ideas and presents the RayNeo X2. The firm, known to the general public for its televisions, is used to showing its expertise in display technology at major events. It … Read more

TCL presents NXTWEAR S and RayNeo X2 its innovative augmented reality glasses

TCL presents NXTWEAR S and RayNeo X2 its innovative augmented

TCL, a pioneering brand in display technology, showcased its RayNeo X2 augmented reality (AR) smart glasses and the NXTWEAR S at CES 2023, held in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, from May 5 to January 8. RayNeo X2 These binocular glasses include micro-leds with AR waveguide that incorporate a series of new interactive features … Read more

Meta found help to speed up the creation of its AR glasses

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Meta is doing its best to accelerate the development of its augmented reality glasses. To give a boost to the project, the Californian giant bought a Dutch company that manufactures lenses using 3D printing. Meta has just acquired Luxexcel, a company based in the Netherlands. The Silicon Valley giant has confirmed the news to our … Read more

Huawei Vision Glass: Smart glasses with Micro Oled screen – Geekeries

Huawei Vision Glass Smart glasses with Micro Oled screen

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail While Oppo has just presented its Air Glass 2, Huawei has taken a step ahead by launching the Huawei Vision Glass in China. These are smart glasses for displaying immersive content in Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. In particular, they rely on excellent display quality and optimized comfort for a … Read more

Oppo: you’re not dreaming, these connected glasses are not horrible

Oppo youre not dreaming these connected glasses are not horrible

On the occasion of its annual conference, Oppo presented several new features, including the Air Glass 2. This is the second version of its connected glasses, with a notable improvement: the design. Glasses that finally look like a real pair that we wear every day. Oppo Air Glass 2 glasses // Source: Oppo Oppo today … Read more

Air Glass 2: Oppo unveils its “ordinary glasses” with extraordinary powers

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As part of its “Inno Day 2022” event, Oppo is presenting three smart products, including its “Air Glass 2” connected glasses with features that caught our attention. Connected glasses are still far from popular, but manufacturers see this accessory as a new way of interacting with our environment. Today, Oppo presents its “Air Glass 2” … Read more

Apple Glass: price, realityOS, mixed reality, date… everything we know about Apple’s connected glasses

Apple Glass price realityOS mixed reality date everything we know

Apple’s smart glasses have been rumored for several years. We take stock of what we already know about the manufacturer’s first mixed reality glasses. Apple Glass, the AR glasses of the apple // Source: Front Page Tech The connected glasses sector is still in its infancy. It must be said that the various manufacturers who … Read more

VIDEO. “A pair of glasses is expensive”, a mobile ophthalmology unit goes to rural areas to meet precarious people

VIDEO A pair of glasses is expensive a mobile ophthalmology

Eliminate “poor seeing” in the world. This is the mission of this mobile truck that criss-crosses France. In Haute-Saône for three days, a hundred people who could not afford to take care of their eyesight were able to meet an ophthalmologist free of charge. This morning, Aurélien came to consult. This young man meets the … Read more

Qualcomm unveils its new Snapdragon platform for augmented reality glasses

Facture electronique ce qui change pour la grande distribution

Qualcomm unveils its Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1 platform, for thinner, lighter and more efficient augmented reality glasses. If manufacturers want to deliver augmented reality (AR) glasses that the general public wants to wear, they need chips that are powerful enough, but that don’t need big batteries on your head. Qualcomm think I can help with … Read more