How much does my game console or gaming PC cost me in electricity? We did the calculation

How much does my game console or gaming PC cost

Your energy bill has gone up and you’ve been looking down on your gaming PC ever since? Fortunately, it is easy to estimate its consumption to find out if it is responsible for your ruin, here is how. Between the increase in the price of energy and the many worries about the climate, many questions … Read more

Red Magic 8 Pro now official, promises heavy for mobile gaming with its powerful processor and its camera under the screen

Red Magic 8 Pro now official promises heavy for mobile

It’s now official, the new Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro gaming smartphone will soon be available in China before arriving in other markets. Embarking on the latest technologies for video games but also promising a particularly successful experience for everyday life, it aims to be the reference in the field of gaming. Here are all … Read more

Internet and the online gaming revolution – L’express DZ

Internet and the online gaming revolution Lexpress DZ

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA If the video game is more and more popular, it is largely thanks to the democratization of the Internet, one of the projects of Algeria short term. This tool has revolutionized the practice of video games in many areas and continues to do so today. From mobile games to old games adapted … Read more

The Logitech G935 is a great gaming headset and it’s cheaper at Amazon

The Logitech G935 is a great gaming headset and its

More and more numerous each year, gaming headsets are always looking to innovate by lowering prices. One of Logitech’s references, the G935, was still offered at a high price, but today it is much more affordable, especially at Amazon at just over 100 euros. If you are looking for a headset specially designed for gaming, … Read more

Samsung 50″ QLED TV at -50%, a smartwatch at a bargain price and a cheap gaming PC screen – the deals of the week

Samsung 50 QLED TV at 50 a smartwatch at a

Didn’t have time to follow the many tips published this week? Here’s what you missed: the Samsung 50-inch QLED TV is half price, the Oppo Watch Free has a mini price thanks to this offer and the Gigabyte PC gaming screen is getting a nice discount. The Oppo Watch Free is a connected watch clearly … Read more

Best-of 2022: the favorite gaming experiences of the editorial staff of 2022

1671661276 Best of 2022 the favorite gaming experiences of the editorial staff

This year 2022 has been a year rich in gaming experiences! Escape games, virtual reality experiences, Action Games… We offer you a Best-of of our favorites of 2022! And if you haven’t been able to try the experience yet, there’s still time to book your session! This year 2022 was one of the most prolific … Read more

Gotaga: one of the biggest streamers in the world of gaming

Gotaga one of the biggest streamers in the world of

Corentin Houssein, better known as Gotaga and nicknamed the “French monster” of video games is a French professional gamer and Twitch streamer. With the advent of new technologies, we are seeing more and more new professions appear. At the same time, new celebrities are emerging. Some names are starting to stand out from the others. … Read more

Mobile gaming would run out of steam for the first time in 2022

Mobile gaming would run out of steam for the first

After soaring at the height of the pandemic, the mobile gaming sector is experiencing a decline for the first time in its short history. Some players remain optimistic, but for other players the outlook is more blurred. 2022 is expected to see a 6.4% decline in mobile gaming revenue, according to two research firms, Newzoo … Read more

Are NFTs and the metaverse the future of gaming?

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

Cryptocurrency has invaded the world of virtual reality video games. More and more video games are offering their own tokens. It is therefore important to know which games are all the rage in all areas. We’ll walk you through everything so you can choose the specific environment you want to immerse yourself in. What are … Read more

Snapdragon Connect, Sound, Sight, Elite Gaming, Secure: what do these logos mean for your smartphones?

Snapdragon Connect Sound Sight Elite Gaming Secure what do these

For several years, Qualcomm has placed logos around its technologies. Snapdragon Connect, Snapdragon Sound, Snapdragon Sight, each of these acronyms includes a set of functions to which your product may be entitled. Let’s take a closer look. Like the presentation of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has proven it again, Qualcomm has been multiplying new brands … Read more