Legislative: the puzzle of Internet voting for French people living abroad

Published on : 05/31/2022 – 19:14 Online voting for French voters abroad has experienced several bugs since it opened on May 27. According to the Quai d’Orsay, Internet voting is working again. But criticisms and misunderstandings accumulate. These challenges, along with security risks, mean that larger-scale implementation is still far from feasible. Legislative 2022 © … Read more

Starlink: these French people for whom Elon Musk’s Internet access service changed everything

The satellite Internet access service will retain its authorization to use frequencies in our country. To the great relief of its first users who mobilized forcefully to defend a service that has become essential to them. “Starlink has revolutionized my daily life”,“Starlink is vital for the sustainability of my company“,“Starlink is the only solution to … Read more

The new eco – Coach’eo, the Dijon internet platform at the service of French sports coaching

The new eco Coacheo the Dijon internet platform at

It’s new and it’s a tool that could quickly become indispensable, the platform Coach’eo has just been launched in Dijon to connect sports coaches and their clients. Finding a coach, reserving or canceling a lesson is possible and for professionals, it’s a serious helping hand in managing schedules. How does this site work? Interview with … Read more

The Edison Mail app is now translated into French

iPhone Apps iPad Apps ⏰ 1 hour ago Alban Martin 1 The publisher of Edison Mail, the number 1 independent messaging application on the App Store, has just inform us that the service finally has a French translation, enough to attract new customers. In addition to French, new localizations include German, Latin American Spanish, Italian, … Read more

Jean-Michel Jarre and a French startup want to set up “the YouTube of the metaverse”

Jean Michel Jarre and a French startup want to set up

The VRrOOm company announced on Tuesday its ambitions for the coming months: after having created virtual reality shows with several companies and artists, including Jean-Michel Jarre, it wants to open this platform to all artists by the end of the year. With the VRrOOm platform, Jean-Michel Jarre has already produced several concerts, like here for … Read more

Waze adds Toulouse, Provençal and Ch’ti accents for French users

iPhone Apps iPad Apps ⏰ 45 mins ago Julian Russo 6 On the App Store, there are many applications that can accompany you on a route by car or on foot. Waze is probably the app that stood out the fastest from the competition, this is explained by the seriousness of the application, but also … Read more

Legislative: a computer bug prevents some French people living abroad from voting

the essential Since Friday, May 27, at noon, the vote for the legislative elections has been open to French people living abroad. For them, no need to move, they can vote by internet. Finally that is when there is no bug. As soon as online voting opens, many voters report the impossibility of confirming their … Read more

TESTIMONIALS. Legislative: French people living abroad deprived of internet voting because of a technical problem? “I will be one of the abstainers despite myself”

A confusing error message. Since the opening, Friday, May 27 at noon, of online voting for French nationals living abroad for the legislative elections, hundreds of them have not been able to choose their candidate on the internet, for lack of being able to validate their ballot. informed of the problem, the Ministry of Foreign … Read more

Legislative: how does internet voting work, accessible to French people living abroad?

The number of French people living abroad is estimated at 2.5 million people. But they are only around 1.6 million to be registered in the “Register of French people established outside France”, and therefore to have the possibility of voting by internet for the first round of the legislative elections, Friday May 27 from noon … Read more

Attacked, the operators are strengthening to protect the Internet of the French and their infrastructures

Attacked the operators are strengthening to protect the Internet of

Since February 24 and the start of the conflict in Ukraine, telecom networks have been under close surveillance. Attacks are increasing and operators are mobilized. “Since February 23, denial of service (DDoS) attacks have increased tenfold“, explains a telco to Figaro and if it is for the moment impossible to point the finger directly at … Read more