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Find a mission when you are freelance is not always easy. However, many customers are looking for competent service providers. Freelance Informatique provides the solution. How to easily find an IT freelancer? IT Freelancer is the ideal platform for all those who want to find an IT service provider. But it also allows IT specialists … Read more

Freelance IT: the platform that connects web experts and companies

Freelance IT the platform that connects web experts and companies

You are a company looking for a developer website freelance, or vice versa? The Freelance IT platform is positioned as the ideal intermediary. Developers and other web experts who start their careers as freelancers must immediately face a major difficulty: finding their first customers. It is a necessary step to expand your portfolio, find recurring … Read more

IT freelance: a profession of the future, stimulated by digital platforms

What are the most sought-after IT freelance profiles? Of all the IT freelance jobs, web IT developers are the most in demand. Solid knowledge of programming and development is necessary, in languages ​​such as WordPress, PHP, Python… Then come software developers and mobile applications, UX – UI developers and profiles related to information technologies (networks … Read more

Freelance platform: where to find tech and IT assignments?

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Presentation of the Freelance IT platform IT Freelancer is one of the leading platforms for finding jobs in the IT sector. Whatever the IT project, it allows you to quickly get in touch with qualified consultants. The platform was created in 2001 and its main objective is to connect project leaders and service providers. Limited … Read more