Prescription fraud: How scammers seek out expensive drugs on social media

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Rap music blaring, the green light of a pharmacy flashing and the hilarious smile of a doctor with a white beard unearthed in an image bank. A video shared on the Telegram messaging app invites beneficiaries of universal health coverage (CMU) or 100% medical aid to come “scratch [leurs] under” to get the “payment in … Read more

Decrease in Internet payment fraud in France in 2021 – La finance pour tous

In a context of resumption of transactions after the crisis linked to COVID 19, the Observatory for the Security of Payment Means notes, in its 2021 annual report, an increase in flows and control of the overall level of payment fraud. More and more payments, mainly by bank card or by telephone the volume of … Read more

How to protect yourself from phone fraud (toll fraud) on Android

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Toll fraud malware can wreak serious havoc on your budget by signing up for paid services through your carrier. Here’s how to spot them and prevent them. Old Android smartphones pose security risks, it is well known, but a study of the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team shows precisely how vulnerable these devices are to … Read more

Artificial intelligence, finally the remedy against the scourge of telephone fraud?

Artificial intelligence finally the remedy against the scourge of telephone

But like all other technologies, telephony is the target of criminals looking for a way to commit fraud and theft. While companies have long secured their digital channels, the same level of protection or regulation is rarely applied to the telephone channel. Therefore, fraudsters use call centers as an entry point to steal personal data … Read more

Taxes: how the tax authorities use artificial intelligence to fight against fraud

The tax administration increases each year its use of artificial intelligence to fight against fraud and improve the efficiency of its services. In 2021, the share of checks targeted by AI was 45%, compared to 32.5% a year earlier. For the past few weeks, the teams of the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFIP) have … Read more

The behavioral study: the weapon of French banks against fraud

The behavioral study the weapon of French banks against fraud

In its war against fraud and the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, France has been able to position itself at the forefront of detection thanks to behavioral study techniques. “For three years there has been an increasingly strong demand for tools to fight against whiteningfraud and the financing of terrorism”, observes … Read more