Cinema – Why the virtual reality programming at the Clermont Short Film Festival remains the best in France

Internet Fiber continues to gain ground in Haute

Reservations for the VR workshop, set up on the first floor of the Comédie, in Clermont-Ferrand, during the Short Film Festival, are going like hotcakes.Year after year, virtual reality confirms the enthusiasm it arouses and Clermont positions itself very clearly on the subject. “We have, during the festival, the best programming in France,” affirms Sébastien … Read more

Nicolas Dupain (France Immersive Learning) : “Le métavers est ancré dans l’agenda politique”

Nicolas Dupain France Immersive Learning Le metavers est ancre

La passion de Nicolas Dupain pour la transmission du savoir par les technologies immersives ne vient pas de nulle part. Avant d’être président de France Immersive Learning, il a entre autres travaillé 17 ans à l’Éducation nationale : un tiers comme professeur, un tiers comme technicien pour déployer les premiers réseaux pédagogiques et, enfin, un … Read more

Insurtech trends in 2023 – Forbes France

Insurtech trends in 2023 Forbes France

After an exceptional year in 2021 in terms of fundraising and a slowdown in 2022, what is the outlook for theinsurtech ? We went to meet Nelly Brossard, Vice-President of theassociation Insurtech France to understand the major trends that should be at work in 2023 in Insurtech. Nelly Brossard, is Insurtech still in a positive … Read more

Influencers in France: profiles, preferred social networks, partnerships…

1673720920 Influencers in France profiles preferred social networks partnerships…

Reech has just published the 7th edition of his study dedicated to influencer marketing. In partnership with the Norstat polling institute, 11,011 social network users were questioned during the month of December 2022. The objective of the study this year: to understand consumer expectations, and the link they have with content creators. Key figures and … Read more

UNUSUAL. ChatGPT was asked if the summit of Mont Blanc was in France or Italy, and its answers raise questions

UNUSUAL ChatGPT was asked if the summit of Mont Blanc

We asked ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence of the moment, where exactly the summit of Mont Blanc was. In France or in Italy? A question that divides on each side of the border. If ChatGPT gets out of the trap, it lacks accuracy when we go into detail. Who owns the summit of Mont Blanc? For … Read more

Thanks to AI, an artist imagines the countries of the world as naughty video games and France is bad ass!

Artificial intelligence at the service of the next generation of

HPS I’m impressed day by day by the AI ​​ Can’t wait for it to create a video game (just to see) dredd It fits perfectly. Beneath what appears to be a big armour-clad army playing tough, there’s a goat that thinks it’s Napoleon. Approved. nicclover Yes, but nothing really new graphically… It’s clean, clean, … Read more

La carte Vitale numérique s’apprête à être généralisée en France

Annoncée depuis plusieurs années, la carte Vitale numérique devrait enfin être déployée progressivement dans toute la France en 2023, après une phase de test depuis l’année dernière, dans plusieurs départements.Le gouvernement a publié, fin décembre, un décret pour poser les bases de cette alternative à la carte physique. La date du lancement officiel, en … Read more

L’Angleterre vient de faire de l’internet gigabit une obligation lgale pour les nouveaux logements, la France vise atteindre une couverture 100 % et de fibre pour tous d’ici 2025

LAngleterre vient de faire de linternet gigabit une obligation legale

Le gouvernement britannique a adopt de nouvelles lois visant garantir que les nouveaux logements soient quips de connexions large bande gigabit et permettre aux entreprises de tlcommunications d’offrir un accs Internet plus rapide aux habitants des immeubles collectifs. Les ministres ont modifi les rglements de construction de 2010 afin de garantir que les nouveaux logements … Read more

NanShe: the mobile application made in France to help victims of violence selected at CES 2023 in Las Vegas – Forbes France

NanShe the mobile application made in France to help victims

NanShe is the first free mobile application made in France to help victims of violence provide evidence in order to assert their rights in court. Presented for a world premiere at CES 2023 in Las Vegas through ATBHASHa technology company based in Paris the application allows victims of violence to pre-constitute the proof such as … Read more

France could have invented the Internet but Valéry Giscard d’Estaing preferred to finance the Minitel

TotalEnergies calls for responsibility to allow the good supply of

If Valéry Giscard d’Estaing has blown a wind of modernity over France — the decriminalization of abortion, the reimbursement of the pill or even divorce by mutual consent are part of his many progressive reforms —, on the other hand, there is an area in which it has been lagging behind: the Internet. During his … Read more