The place of digital in the financial sector in Africa

The place of digital in the financial sector in Africa

Financial inclusion is a major economic and social issue worldwide. Digital is increasingly used as a lever, particularly through financial technologies. These are experiencing significant development and Africa is not left out of this dynamic. How is an African Financial Tech ecosystem created? Who are its players, what is its market and what are the … Read more

French Fintechs innovate in new financial challenges

French Fintechs innovate in new financial challenges

It is an extremely positive assessment that the France FinTech association draws up on the activity of French start-ups in financial services in 2022, even if concerns are now emerging. French fintechs are innovating in new areas such as ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance), cybersecurity of VSEs-SMEs, real estate, crypto assets and embedded finance. … Read more

a kidnapping for money, the financial motive intrigues

a kidnapping for money the financial motive intrigues

What’s next after this ad NEWSLETTERS fun, news, tips… what else? If for the moment no theory is favored by the investigators to explain the disappearance of Kévin Trompat and Leslie Hoorelbeke, the father of the young man would lean for a financial motive. Since November 26 in the early hours of the day, Leslie … Read more the mobile application dedicated to financial information, useful for entrepreneurs

Soon in France the same Internet regulation as in California is an application for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacOS for entrepreneurs and business leaders: “The idea for this application came to us while managing an e-commerce store: I found all these accounting calculations terribly tedious”recalls Patrice Khal, co-founder of “I dreamed of having the answers to my questions in two clicks, as … Read more

Atos launches a Data Lake Accelerator on AWS for SAP that boosts business and financial performance for companies

Atos launches a Data Lake Accelerator on AWS for SAP

Atos launches a accelerator Data Lake on AWS for SAP which increases performances commercial and financial are companies Paris, France – 1er december 2022 – Atos announces the development, in partnership with AWS, of a new solution that enables customers to accelerate and accurately manage their key performance indicators, by facilitating access to SAP and … Read more

Digital transformation in financial services

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Investments and sustainability To invest responsibly in sustainable finance over time, to select financial solutions or products that bring together the three areas of environment, social aspects and governance, it is obvious that digital and in particular data ) are the keys that allow and will enable us to achieve these objectives. With known, reliable … Read more

Financial difficulties and lack of skills are the main obstacles to accessing the Internet

Financial difficulties and lack of skills are the main obstacles

You have carried out research on inequalities in access to the Internet in France. Why this choice ? The issue of the digital divide and its effects is not new. But it has taken on an even greater scale since the covid-19 crisis. French people without Internet access from their homes found themselves blocked when … Read more


BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Planfocus’s cash management optimization software significantly enriches Sesami’s software solutions and expands its global client portfolio AMSTERDAM, August 9, 2022/PRNewswire/ — Sesami Cash Management Technologies (“Sesami”), a global integrator of technology solutions aimed at managing and optimizing the cash ecosystem of banks and consumer businesses, has announced the acquisition of … Read more

In Tunisia, Flouci turns into a mobile bank to facilitate financial transactions thanks to the blockchain

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Fintechs are the start-ups that attract the most capital in Africa. This is among other things due to the low rate of banking on the continent. Entrepreneurs from various regions are developing solutions to help people access financial services. Flouci is a fintech solution developed by the Tunisian start-up Kaoun. It allows, from a smartphone, … Read more

Club Med redesigns a financial application on the Cloud with Low Code

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Severely shaken by the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Club Med has reviewed the management of its costs. The IT teams worked in particular on the overhaul and consolidation of 3 internal air transport management applications, based on an Oracle database and two software programs developed internally. Obsolescence of the historical computer system The … Read more