Cinema – Why the virtual reality programming at the Clermont Short Film Festival remains the best in France

Internet Fiber continues to gain ground in Haute

Reservations for the VR workshop, set up on the first floor of the Comédie, in Clermont-Ferrand, during the Short Film Festival, are going like hotcakes.Year after year, virtual reality confirms the enthusiasm it arouses and Clermont positions itself very clearly on the subject. “We have, during the festival, the best programming in France,” affirms Sébastien … Read more

Jung_E on Netflix: what is this successful South Korean science fiction film worth?

1674935607 Jung E on Netflix what is this successful South Korean science.webp

Jung_E has been one of the most-watched movies on Netflix for a few days. But why is it so successful? Posted on January 20, 2023, Jung_E is a South Korean science fiction film. To date, it is one of the top 3 most watched films on Netflix France. This production indeed pleases by its actions, … Read more

“Darkening”, the first Czech animated film in virtual reality

Darkening the first Czech animated film in virtual reality

“Darkening” (“Tmání” in Czech) traces director Ondřej Moravec’s struggle with mental illness from childhood to adulthood. The main interested party testified for Radio Prague International: Ondrej Moravec|Photo: Anaïs Chesnel, Radio Prague Int. “I’ve been dealing with depression for fifteen years, so my goal was to raise awareness about this disease, because I still feel like … Read more

Dramatron, an AI signed DeepMind capable of generating a film script

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

DeepMind is developing Dramatron, an AI to generate scripts for cinema or theater. Have you ever had an idea for a movie or play, but didn’t have what it takes to write a complete script? DeepMind, a subsidiary of Alphabetdeveloped an artificial intelligence tool who might help you. Dramatron, as it is called, can generate … Read more

Hanging Gardens, Harka, Within Sands… The winners of the Red Sea Film Festival – KAWA

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

Highlighting films from Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, Asia and Africa, these prestigious awards, now in their second edition, allow the Red Sea International Film Festival to highlight the scope and immense talent of the region and beyond. The awards were decided by an international jury made up of renowned filmmakers and industry heavyweights. The … Read more

Caen Children’s Film Festival Caen Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Facture electronique ce qui change pour la grande distribution

Caen Children’s Film Festival, December 7, 2022, Caen. Children’s Film Festival6 Avenue Sainte-Thérèse Cinema Lux Caen Calvados Cinema Lux 6 Avenue Sainte-Thérèse 2022-12-07 – 2023-01-01Cinema Lux 6 Avenue Sainte-ThereseCaenCalvados With its Enfants des Cinés festival, the Lux cinema will live for a month to the rhythm of children: new releases and reruns of films for … Read more

After the Listenbourg, the Internet invents a film by Martin Scorsese

Facture electronique ce qui change pour la grande distribution

A mysterious Martin Scorsese film has become hugely popular on social media, including Reddit and Tumblr, in recent weeks. But, like the Listenbourg, this feature film does not exist. We take stock of this astonishing urban legend. For the past few weeks, a film called Goncharov has been buzzing on social networks. According to Internet … Read more

“O’hE Film Festival” des Abymes: The 1st International Sea Film Festival in Guadeloupe to promote the values ​​of sustainable development

Guadeloupe now has a festival dedicated to the sea. It must be said that it seemed anachronistic for this archipelago not to give itself a moment and a place of reflection to look into “this nourishing sea at the center of major development issues , the engine of an economic model to be built, as … Read more

‘Kinshasa now’ a virtual reality film about children accused of witchcraft

1667885227 Kinshasa now a virtual reality film about children accused of

Kinshasa now virtual reality film Kinshasa Now follows Mika, 14 years old. Accused of witchcraft and thrown out of his home, Mika must understand the codes of the streets to survive. The spectator is immersed, thanks to a 360° VR helmet, in the middle of the streets of Kinshasa while discovering the daily life of … Read more

Longevity Hackers, a film to raise awareness of the cause of longevity

Longevity Hackers a film to raise awareness of the cause

Longevity Hackers is a documentary that asks whether humans could live to be 130 or even stop aging. The team builds on the idea that in just 23 years, longevity research could make major breakthroughs. Longevity Hackers features director Michal Siewierski who interviewed many industry experts, from Natasha Vita-More of H+ DAO to Allison Deuttmann … Read more