Artificial intelligence to fight against the diagnostic wandering of rare diseases

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

Explore them interviews of researchers, photographers, travelers witnessing a world that is changing under the yoke of global warming. You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Interview: how was artificial intelligence born? Artificial intelligence aims to mimic the functioning of the human brain, or at least its logic when it comes to making decisions. Jean-Claude … Read more

Fight against terrorist content on the internet: last step taken in the Senate

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

Like a symbol. The mixed parity committee meeting on July 19 had reached an agreement. This meeting between seven deputies and seven senators aimed to find a compromise on the bill on the prevention of the dissemination of terrorist content on the internet. It was the very first of its kind, since the legislative elections. … Read more

Apple announces a “lockdown mode” on its devices to fight against spyware

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

Reinforced security settings, which can be activated with a click to protect against the worst spyware: this is the novelty that Apple announced for its devices on Wednesday July 6. The manufacturer of smartphones, tablets and computers, whose software security vulnerabilities have been exploited in the past by the elite spyware Pegasushas decided to make … Read more

Taxes: how the tax authorities use artificial intelligence to fight against fraud

The tax administration increases each year its use of artificial intelligence to fight against fraud and improve the efficiency of its services. In 2021, the share of checks targeted by AI was 45%, compared to 32.5% a year earlier. For the past few weeks, the teams of the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFIP) have … Read more

War in Ukraine: Ukrainian police use AI to fight sabotage

War in Ukraine Ukrainian police use AI to fight sabotage

According to a recent communication from the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the country’s police use artificial intelligence to identify people who could sabotage the war effort within its own population. This strategy would have enabled Ukraine to thwart several attacks. Ukraine hunts down saboteurs According to the ministry, the Ukrainian police have been fighting … Read more

E-Cigarette Sets Birthday Party On Fire, Surreal Fight Breaks Out

E Cigarette Sets Birthday Party On Fire Surreal Fight Breaks Out

Two men brawled at the Shameless during a 50th birthday party in Lancashire. All members of the same family, the fight broke out because of an electronic cigarette. The scenes that we see in the movies can sometimes be seen in real life. This is the case of this 50th birthday party who literally turned … Read more

With the metaverse, a new step in the difficult fight against sexual assault on the Internet

With the metaverse a new step in the difficult fight

ROCCO After a few minutes of immersion in Echo VR, a sports game in virtual reality, we hear our first insult. In the reception room, intended for people who have not yet started a game, a player yells at another at the microphone. He suggests to him, first, to him ” suck anus », before … Read more

“To fight against waste and help purchasing power, we focus on the organization of daily meals” (Popotte Duck)

“A family of four throws on average the equivalent of one meal per week, i.e. one minimum wage in the trash.” It was on the basis of this observation that Alexia Desporte Richard had the idea of ​​creating Popotte Duck, with Romain Amate. Popotte Duck is a free application that helps to optimize shopping and … Read more

The fight against cancer is driven by buoyant R&D

The fight against cancer is driven by buoyant RD

For the pharmaceutical industry, cancer treatments are the biggest market in the world and even the health crisis has not slowed down boiling R&D . 2021 even set a record, never before have so many new anti-cancer active substances been authorized for marketing. The annual barometer of the Iqvia research institute has identified no less … Read more

Presidential election 2022: on the Internet, has the right won the fight?

Presidential election 2022 on the Internet has the right won

For Jen Schradie, “The Internet has not eradicated the strong inequalities between working class groups and those of the middle and upper classes (…). On the contrary, it only reinforces them. » QUANTO EDITIONS Is the Internet right-wing? Behind this somewhat brutal formulation, subtitle of the book The Illusion of Digital Democracy. Is the Internet … Read more