Jung_E on Netflix: what is this successful South Korean science fiction film worth?

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Jung_E has been one of the most-watched movies on Netflix for a few days. But why is it so successful? Posted on January 20, 2023, Jung_E is a South Korean science fiction film. To date, it is one of the top 3 most watched films on Netflix France. This production indeed pleases by its actions, … Read more

Science fiction or reality: what if biological computers were the future of computing?

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

“Living” computers, because they use biological cells to function. It sounds like science fiction and yet it is indeed a reality. Explanations. Today the computers as we know them are composed of metals and minerals such as aluminum, copper, iron, lead, silicon, nickel, etc. But it is not necessarily necessary to use electronic chips to … Read more

EctoLife, the disturbing science fiction project that wants to eliminate pregnancy

Les Francais qui achetent sur internet de plus en plus

Having a child without having to be nine months pregnant. Dream or nightmare? EctoLife imagined how the children of the future could be conceived using technology and artificial intelligence. The future of humanity according to Hashem Al-Ghaili will be without pregnancy thanks to EctoLife. Based in Berlin, he defines himself as a producer, director and … Read more

An artificial intelligence to govern us: fact or fiction?

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

This is what the world of artificial intelligence lacked. After the creators of images, sounds, movie characters and everything else you can imagine, comes the political party supported by an Artificial Intelligence. An idea which, a priori, seems futuristic, but which is already a reality in Denmark. Where the so-called “synthetic” party has just presented … Read more

Artificial intelligence endowed with sensitivity, reality or science fiction?

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

This summer, a former Google employee claimed that an artificial intelligence was sentient, sparking a debate. If these tools improve, the question arises whether it’s not just about their ability to converse like humans do. Artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly evolving. It is present in several fields, such as medicine, where it can help in … Read more

Le métavers dans la fiction : en 1992, la sombre prémonition du « Samouraï virtuel »

Gouttiere dents les aligneurs vendus sur internet sont ils efficaces ou

Quel est le point commun entre Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey et Sergey Brin ? Ils ont certes tous fondé certaines des plus grandes entreprises de la tech. Mais ils ont aussi tous lu « Snow Crash » (« Le Samouraï Virtuel » en version française) du romancier américain Neal Stephenson. Dans ce roman culte de 1992, les habitants d’un … Read more

The five works of fiction to understand the metaverse

The five works of fiction to understand the metaverse

Neuromancer by William Gibson, 1984 Pioneer of the cyberpunk movement, William Gibson is also the Nostradamus of tech. In his work “Neuromancer” (“Neuromancer” in English), published in 1984, he draws the contours of “cyber space”, which he defines as a “consensual hallucination experienced daily by tens of millions of operators”. We follow the journey of … Read more