A synthetic skin to “feel” in virtual reality – Geeko

Facture electronique ce qui change pour la grande distribution

A team of researchers from the University of Hong Kong has just developed a synthetic skin for virtual reality. More sensitive and less cumbersome. Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience. At least in theory. In practice, the experience is never total. Indeed, virtual reality devices strive to deceive mainly two senses. Sight, and hearing. … Read more

A drone connected to a person immersed in the Metaverse: How does the user feel? – Drones News

A drone connected to a person immersed in the Metaverse

No, you’re not dreaming. Our hardcore drone fans will be delighted to hear that drones even export to the Metaverse. It is indeed a drone developed by a team from Saarland University, Germany, in close collaboration with a researcher from the University of Toronto, Canada. A still unprecedented collaboration that gave birth to the HapticPuppet, … Read more

[VIDEO] VIDEO. Tarn: neither telephone nor internet for a week … the inhabitants of this small town “feel completely abandoned”

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

the essential In Labruguière in the Tarn, the inhabitants of the hamlet of Gaux and Tissous have been without telephone and internet since Friday October 28. Friday, October 28, at the crossroads of the road to Laprade and the hamlet of Gaux, a few kilometers from the exit of Labruguière, a truck would have torn … Read more

PlayStation VR2: “Feel a New Real”, the next generation of virtual reality gaming

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

Sony Interactive Entertainment invites gamers to experience a new dimension with PlayStation VR2. Expected to be commercialized by early next year and not backwards compatible with PS VR from PS4the PlayStation VR2 will deliver new thrills to gamers with stunning 4K HDR graphics, new state-of-the-art controllers and games that redefine the gaming genre. virtual reality. … Read more

In automobile, there is mobile: “People want to drive, feel and hear”

Weakened “static” events Enthusiasts of old vehicles, whether they own them or not, form an active community eager to meet regularly to share their passion. The most frequent occasions are outings in one’s car and trade shows (exhibitions – exchange exchanges) organized almost everywhere, from simple regional club gatherings to major events such as Retromobile … Read more

These escape games and immersive experiences in Paris to feel like in a movie

These escape games and immersive experiences in Paris to feel

By Rizhlaine F. Posted Aug 8, 2022 1:30 PM Escape games and other immersive games are the perfect plan for experiencing unusual adventures in the four corners of Paris and Île-de-France. If you’ve always wanted to live in a movie then here are the exciting concepts that await you in the capital! So the movie … Read more

Everything Everything – Raw Data Feel

09 June Everything Everything – Raw Data Feel Posted at 00:42h in Albums, Review by Claire D Between sound experimentation and artificial intelligence, Everything Everything pushes the limits of creativity with Raw Data Feel, their 6th album. Chronic. Behind the composition of some remarkable art-rock nuggets (To the Blade, Arch Enemy, In Birdsong, … to … Read more

We tested Skinetic, the haptic jacket that lets you feel video games

To enhance immersion, especially in virtual reality, the company Aktronika has created a “haptic jacket”, which allows you to feel what you see on the screen. BFMTV had the opportunity to test it. Rain, wind, fire: haptic technology, which creates “tactile illusions”, allows you to feel everything. This device, sometimes presented as the future of … Read more

In Ukraine, the pride and emotion of the French forensic gendarmes sent to identify the victims: “We feel useful”

In Ukraine the pride and emotion of the French forensic

We are in the parking lot of a secure site somewhere in kyiv, the exact location to remain secret. Under a tent, near a large white van with the IRCGN (Institute for Criminal Research of the National Gendarmerie) logo, Amaury Pussiau, squadron leader and expert in genetic fingerprints, welcomes us: “Actually, here you are at … Read more